Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014 I Got Mail!


   So I got mail today! That was pretty great :) I can only get mail when the zone leaders go to the offices and pick it up so it might have gotten here a little while ago, but they hadn't been over there and then I didn't see them until today, but I was really glad to get it all :) I got the first Dearelder from mom and a letter and dearelder from Ashley and a letter from Ashley's parents so it was great :)

  So a Little bit about this week, we had divisions on friday and I went with Elder Lawson to his área which is in the same Ward as mine just the other half of the área, but I talked more about that in the recording. I also talked about the one investigator that came to church yesterday, his name is Jesús. It was awesome to have someone that is actually trying to change his life for the better :) All the other baptism dates have fallen through but we will try to reschedule and get them to have the desire for themselves. It has been hard when we teach all week and try to get people to attend church and when we send people to get them or go ourselves and they don't want to it is just sad. I talked a lot about your other questions on the recording (the recording didn't work unfortunately so he'll send it next week) and a bit about the week so there might be a little bit of repeating myself but I don't have much more because I feel like the recording covers the rest, well I'll tell you about Jorge. Jorge has cáncer and only 5 years to live according to the doctors. He has been Reading the Book of Mormon and has a lot of faith but when we asked him to get baptized he wanted to pray and get an answer first, which is a good thing but I just wanted him to say yes. He is in pain and had a surgery and struggles with walking but I hope he will make the sacrifice to come to chuch. 
Well that's about it for this week, I hope you enjoy the recording (it's like 14 minutes long) and I took some pictures this week so you get a little better idea what it's like here. Oh I almost forgot, we went running by the laguna the other day and saw some cocodrilos and tortugas! unfortunately I didn't have my camera but that was cool :)

   Mom, you asked about how I'm doing. I feel fine and I like being here. I don't really like being hot and sweaty all the time but I can deal with it. It is hard that everyone speaks spanish and I don't but I am learning more every day and try to improve as much as I can. I am having a hard time doing contacts and stuff because talking to strangers has always been hard for me and then throw in a language I don't know and you have the perfect combo! but honestly I am glad to be here, sometimes I feel like I am not a very effective missionary but that's what these first twelve weeks are for. I have a long way to go but I am willing to work hard so I can get better. There are a lot of hard things but I want to overcome them and just be a good missionary and the only way I can do that is trust in the Lord and ask for his help and try my best which is what I am doing so I will get there I just need to be patient.
well I love you all a ton!

Elder Sampson

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