Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014 Two Investigators came to Church!!!

Hey! good news! We had two investigators at church on sunday! Ricardo and Cristin were there and it was great. I think Ricardo really liked it. He lives by himself and feels lonely but he feals like part of a family with the Ward so that's really great.

We did the noche de hogar again and it was kinda like the other one where mostly just Ward members were there... but there were more this time so we just went ahead and did it. Ricardo came to this too which was great. We didn't get any new investigators so it did't work how we wanted but whatever, it was still a success in a way.  The brownies turned out pretty good and everyone liked them.

This week wasn't all that great with the numbers and all but we did have those two at church so that helped me feel better about it. It has been really hot the past couple days. I have never sweat so much in my life! even if I am just sitting there I sweat! its incredible...

well that's about it for now, I hope you all have a good week!  I love you

Elder Sampson

Elder Sampson and his comp got to eat shrimp and raw oysters.  Yum!!!! (not!)

Monday, April 21, 2014

April 14, 2014


I´m glad you all like the recordings and pics :) Sorry but I didn´t make any this week and I didn´t take any pictures because we didn´t go anywhere or see anything cool this week and I don´t really want to take any pictures of myself because soy bien feo with my new haircut and I don´t want to scare anyone ;) Just so you can imagine how I might look it was cut with clippers at a 2 on the sides and 4 on the top, it was shorter than my arm hair which might be a weird comparison but it´s the truth.

We didn´t have much better success this week getting people to church but it was good because we did get Guadalupe to come :) We taught Blas again and he had totally changed from how he normally is. He usually had his cell phone and would play with it the whole time and if his sister wanted something he would just leave and we would have to talk to Lupito but this time he put his phone away and wanted to talk to us and at the end he was really willing to give the prayer and we invited to come to church again and he was so ready and willing but then when sunday rolled around he wasn´t at his house when we stopped by to get him and so I don´t know what is up but we will figure it out. We had another week that wasn´t that great, just a lot of our appointments fell through and stuff like that but we are still trying our hardest and need to be patient and have faith.

We did have Zone Conference and it was really good. President Jordan taught us about a bunch of great stuff and about the Sabath day and the Sacrament. We need to apply his teachings to ours and teach about those with the Spirit and then maybe we will have more success getting people to church.

About how much I teach in the lessons, It is inbetween half and a quarter I think, It depends on the person we are teaching. But I feel like my spanish is getting better. The district and zone leaders told me I´m really doing well for how long I've been here so that is a good sign right?

Well that's all I've got for this week, I will try to make a recording and take some pictures for you all.  I love you all a lot.

Elder Sampson

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 7, 2014 Conference was Amazing!


So today was a lot of fun:) we got to go a la playa!!! ya it was a lot of fun :) well it would of been more fun if we had like a good soccer ball or something but it was just really great to hang out there and have a good time body boarding and swimming :) haha ya right, none of that on the mission :) I got some really great pictures and I will try to get them attatched so you can all see them. We saw a wrecked pirate ship! it was actually just an oil rig way out to sea but it looked like a ship wreck... well you can look at the picture and decide :)

so conference was really amazing! I swear it was way shorter this year I didn´t even have time to fall asleep! I didn´t even have time to write down all the wonderful things I heard and learned and thought... I took 8 pages of notes (the front and back of 8 sheets of paper) I am not trying to brag or say I am super spiritual, I´m just saying that´s how great the conference was! I learned so many things and just really had my testimony strengthened it was awesome. Oh, I was able to watch it in english (thankfully) actually all the american missionaries in our zone watched it in the same little room it was like a mini Utah. We had the AC on so it was cool and dry and everyone was speaking english!

Well a little bit about our investigators. Pretty much all of our baptismal dates fell through... Nobody wants to come to church or something, I don´t know what the deal is... but we are still trying so don´t worry, we won´t give up :) it was kinda disappointing when we were helping one of our investigators with something right before conference and he said he was going to come so we headed over so we weren´t late but then he didn´t come... we will just keep trying. Although a bunch of the dates have fallen through, we have scheduled some new ones so hopefully they will have the desire to folow through so they can take this important step toward salvation.

I have some pictures for you and the recording from last week so I hope you like them :) I love you all :)