Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 7, 2014 Conference was Amazing!


So today was a lot of fun:) we got to go a la playa!!! ya it was a lot of fun :) well it would of been more fun if we had like a good soccer ball or something but it was just really great to hang out there and have a good time body boarding and swimming :) haha ya right, none of that on the mission :) I got some really great pictures and I will try to get them attatched so you can all see them. We saw a wrecked pirate ship! it was actually just an oil rig way out to sea but it looked like a ship wreck... well you can look at the picture and decide :)

so conference was really amazing! I swear it was way shorter this year I didn´t even have time to fall asleep! I didn´t even have time to write down all the wonderful things I heard and learned and thought... I took 8 pages of notes (the front and back of 8 sheets of paper) I am not trying to brag or say I am super spiritual, I´m just saying that´s how great the conference was! I learned so many things and just really had my testimony strengthened it was awesome. Oh, I was able to watch it in english (thankfully) actually all the american missionaries in our zone watched it in the same little room it was like a mini Utah. We had the AC on so it was cool and dry and everyone was speaking english!

Well a little bit about our investigators. Pretty much all of our baptismal dates fell through... Nobody wants to come to church or something, I don´t know what the deal is... but we are still trying so don´t worry, we won´t give up :) it was kinda disappointing when we were helping one of our investigators with something right before conference and he said he was going to come so we headed over so we weren´t late but then he didn´t come... we will just keep trying. Although a bunch of the dates have fallen through, we have scheduled some new ones so hopefully they will have the desire to folow through so they can take this important step toward salvation.

I have some pictures for you and the recording from last week so I hope you like them :) I love you all :)

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