Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14th My Last Email

Well... the truth about this week... it wasn't all that great with the investigators... we looked for everyone but.... we didn't find anyone.... we contacted a bunch of referrals and all that but nothin... and also... we didn't have a whole ton of time to work because we got to see the cultural celebration of the Tijuana temple and then the dedication on sunday and so we didn't really get to work on saturday or sunday, we only had a half day on thursday and wednesday and so we only worked the whole day on tuesday and friday but it wasn't all that great either because it was the Virgin Guadalupe's day (on friday) so... there was a lot of stuff going on around here and people didn't have time to listen. They had a huge parade and they do a run from Valles to Tanquian and it took all day so ya... there were a few things that got in the way...

Something cool that happened last night was that the wife of the branch president organized a going away party so that was cool :) and I got to say good bye to a bunch of the members because I already knew I was going... but something kinda lame it that I am going to Tampico today... and I am going to stay the whole week... so today is my last day in my area... because tomorrow I have an interview with president and I get to go to the temple one last time and then on thursday I have to be in tampico already so they are just going to have me stay there until Friday.... :/

But a little bit about the dedication.... it was really great :) President Uchtdorf said the prayer  and we got to see two sessions and during the first session they sealed the corner stone! and we got to watch :) it was a really cool experience! One of Gordon B Hinckley's sons is the Temple President and he speaks spanish pretty well :) Something that I really liked was that they said "when Jesus was young he sat and taught in the temple and he keeps doing the same today." I have a testimony of that because I have always been able to find answers when I go to the temple and I know that it really is the house of the Lord :) 

Well... this is my last email... I love you all!  I can't wait to see you on Friday! :) I am so grateful for the chance the Lord gave me to serve him for two years :)
I have loved this time and the people and I have learned a lot :) Thank you for all the love you have given me :) See ya, on the other side! :) (here they always say "el otro lado" to say the US :) )
-Elder Sampson :) (soon to be Isaac...)