Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014 Second week in the Field

Hey everybody!
 Dad about the weather, it was a little cold but not bad at all, I was totally fine and we had the AC on most of the time at night so don't worry about the cold. It has been really windy though, they call it el norte and it happens every year. The past couple days have been really hot but I will move on to actual missionary stuff now.

So this week was better then last week which was good. We are working hard but sometimes the people have to do a little bit for them self you know, we have done all we can think of and they have to do the rest, we can´t forcé them to do it you know. So we find people from references or contacts on the Street, we arent allowed to go tracting so we have to depend on the members and the Street contacts. I have been taking part in the teaching and I had to give a little talk in sacrament meeting yesterday, that was fun... :) well it wasn't that bad and one of the sisters in the Ward told me I have good spanish it was just slow... but I can live with that :) 
We invited Guadalupe to get baptized and she accepted! but they have to attend sacrament at least 5 times before they are baptized and she didn't come yesterday... but we will see what happens, we scheduled it 6 weeks in advance so if she comes for the next five weeks then we don't have to change the date.
Well that's about what has been going on, we are trying to get the members more involved and stuff so we can have more success because with the members it is way more effective. But I am here doing what I can and hope that the people we teach will feel the spirit and do something about it.

About the things I need... I havent needed anything that you could send that I couldn't get here so I am all good with that, don't worry about sending anything in specific. haha funny story... I sat on the edge of my bed the other night to write in my journal and... it broke! I must be gainning weight! well I dont know if I am or not but my bed is kinda broken... but it still works just fine and I fixed it up a little with some paracord so it's all good! :)

That's all I've got for now, I love you all! Oh and it is awesome that Claire and Josh got prom King and Queen :) Oh and I am understanding more spanish so that is a good thing as well, and I definately have to trust in the spirit still because a lot of the time I still dont know what people are saying...

-Elder Sampson

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