Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Oct. 14th Fuimos al Templo


Discúlpame mamá por favor, es que la semana pasada olvidé decirles que íbamos a ir al Templo esta semana.... y no podemos ir el lunes porque está cerrado entonces... cambiamos p-day al martes... pero no se preocupen! todo está muy bien! :) y pues, tuve una experiencia muy buena en el Templo entonces estoy muy feliz :)

I made a short little recording this week  that talks about what we are going to do this week, forgive me if you don't speak Spanish because I have been struggling with my English and it was easier to make it in Spanish... I don't know why it is still easier to write in English, but talking has become easier in Spanish... I think that is a good thing :) I still have plenty to learn but it is coming along quite well :)
(For those who don't speak Spanish I will just tell you the just of what he talked about in his recording....He told how they went to the temple on Tuesday because it is closed on Mondays so they switched their pday. He shared what a great experience it was and that they got to be in the Celestial room for awhile and could feel peace and tranquility.  He also talked about that the investigators they have are not really progressing and doing their part so they need to move on and find a lot more new investigators.  So that is what they are going to focus on this week.  That's basically what it said.)

A little bit about Francisco, unfortunately he wasn't able to come this week because his leg is in a lot of pain right now and it was raining pretty good and his vision is really bad so... there were a whole lot of things working against us but he really did want to come with us and I am sure he will come this week :) he is still really interested in what we have to teach and wants to learn. He always says such great prayers.

A little bit about what is going on there. Charles it's good that you have work, I never thought of you as a waiter but I am sure you are doing great! :) I am a little glad I wasn't there for the potatoes... ;) but I don't know what I am going to do without my annual workout... The people here say that I have gained a little weight (I thought I had lost some but who knows?) so maybe it would've been good if I participated in that... Lauren, what is going on with all the boys? are you going to pick one and marry him or what? ;) did you get the Facebook message from Edwin? ;) he is the branch mission leader and just got back from his mission like a year ago, You can come down here and meet him if you want ;) you've gotta tell Claire she can't just skip classes like that ;) it would be pretty cool to learn about that stuff... :) Dad, I am getting to experience what it is like to be choir director a little bit, they don't have me do it in sacrament meeting but in other classes and meetings we have they almost always pick me to lead the music... The people here have some pretty interesting ways of singing the hymns... and it would really help to have someone that plays the piano really well (mom, you don't have to comment on that last part, I already know what you are thinking... ;) ) to help them learn what the notes and tunes really are...
This is home sweet home for Elder Sampson
Bueno, eso es todo lo que tengo para ustedes esta semana pero les amo muchísimo y espero lo mejor para cada uno de ustedes esta semana :) Disfruten la grabación!

-Elder Sampson

Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6th Very Touching Experience


Wow... it's crazy to me that it is already October... That's right I just went to my second General Conference in the mission... And it was pretty dang awesome... and in Spanish :) I thought it was really cool how much they talked about having a real and strong testimony, also how much they testified of the current prophet as well as Joseph Smith. Also learned some really great things that I believe are going to help me be a better missionary or improve my manner of teaching which I am really excited for because it will help the people I teach grow closer to Christ. Unfortunately we didn't have any investigators in any of the sessions and I am kinda beating myself up a little about that but I will explain that a little later on...

My companion is pretty good. He works hard although he isn't the hardest worker around but it's all good, we do the work we can. I am going to send some pictures of us next week. He is pretty serious, but has really opened up with me, and we get along great. Something interesting he told me is that I am one of the happiest missionaries he knows... I thought that was weird because a lot of people think I am very serious, at least at first but here I think I have kinda changed a little and am less reserved with the people I don't know, but... who knows?

This area... well, the area is fine and the people are great, but I was kinda hoping to change areas because I want to get to know other areas of the mission, I have been in this same stake my whole mission and I want to see other parts but it's all good, I know I will have the chance sooner or later and I am just fine working here :)

Yes the branch mission leader is helping and also his dad has been helping. We are going to see what we can do to get all the members involved in the work.

About not having investigators in the church... well this week I was trying to take Elder Cortez around so he can meet all the people I know and get to know the members and investigators. I had in mind to go visit Francisco  but I kept saving it for he next day and the next day (lesson about not procrastinating) and the next thing I knew I was sitting in the Sunday afternoon session at the end and thinking "ah crap! we never went to visit Francisco!" (pardon my strong language ;) ). I felt pretty bad about that... so when the conference ended we went and visited him. When we got there he was like "Oh, I was waiting for you guys to visit me all week to see if we were going to go to the church this week" that's right, sucker-punch to the face... I felt so bad and well at the end of the lesson we asked if we could have a prayer and my companion said he would say it and then Francisco said "well you can do one then I will do one" we thought... " well that's great" :) so when my companion finished his prayer Francisco starts his... He thanked our Heavenly Father that we had come to teach him again and that God had answered his prayer that we would come again. He was so sincere and loving in his prayer and I felt so warm and happy inside  that I cried a little... and right now as I am writing this and remembering that experience I am holding back my tears because I feel that it would be really weird if the people here in this cyber saw me crying right here at the computer for no apparent reason... wow that was weird... Anyways, Francisco has shared a Christ-like love so strong and sincere desire to follow our Savior that I believe it has effected my whole soul... wow... I don't think these words can express how I feel... but it is such a great feeling... and again I am trying not to cry... wow :')

Well that's all I have time to write this week I hope you all enjoy it and that you all learned really great things in the conference :) I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

-Elder Sampson