Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014 Can't get them to come to church

Sorry it's hard to think of stuff to write and I am not good at typing so I can't always get a whole lot in. I'm trying so please be patient with me.  (This is in response to me asking him a bunch of questions and asking him to give us more details about his week and the people they are teaching)  
We teach a lot of people and I can't get them all in but we are supposed to invite them to be baptized on the first or second visit.  My companion had met Guadalupe before I got here but had only taught her once I think.  It's hard to tell you a whole lot of info about them because I don't know much Spanish so I don't know a whole lot myself. She does have some daughters but I don't know about a husband, I have neither seen nor heard of one. We are also teaching Jose Luis, he has a baptism date as well. Actually, Guadalupe wasn't at church so hers fell through. But anyways, Jose Luis has a wife (she's 15) and a little boy. I'm not sure if they are actually married or not. He didn't come to church yesterday either, in fact none of our investigators did even though we invited them and even went to some of their houses to get them... I don't know what the problem is but we are trying to help them understand the importance of going to church.  
I don't know why we aren't allowed to go but it is a rule so we don't do it (I asked him why they don't tract).  There are a bunch of members in the ward but not a ton and not that many live in our half of the boundaries. We work a lot with a brother named Guadalupe, but we call him Lupito. We also work with Hermano Antonio a lot and he is a principal of a school and was baptized like three months ago but is the ward mission leader.  The ward meets in a stake center which is pretty big. We have district meetings every week.  
Elder Macias is friendly, (I asked about his companion because he hadn't said very much about him) not quite like me but not like super talkative all the time. His mom and brothers are members but not his dad.  We get a long pretty well and he is pretty funny. He isn't a slacker but not like a super crazy hard worker. We have a pretty good time together.  I will answer the rest of your questions with the recorder because I have already taken up a lot of time with just this. 
I haven't received anything in the mail yet but maybe I will this week I don't know. Gotta go! I love you all! Bye!

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