Monday, April 6, 2015

April 6th Conference and Easter...What a great day!


  Yup well as you all know, this week was a pretty great one just for the fact that we had Easter Sunday and General Conference all mixed into one! :) I really enjoyed it, anyone else? ... that's what I thought, Everybody loved it! (at least I hope they did ) 
About the week mission-wise.... a little disappointing on Sunday when a few of the investigators we were really hoping would show up didn't... but C_ was there... kind of a surprise... but it's fine by me, if he wants to show up to church I am not going to complain... :) We were really hoping that L_ and R_ would show up but.... they didn't... (maybe R_ went to a different building with his friends but we can't be sure...)

So here's a story, about a little guy who lives in a nice house. And all day and all night everything he... (well you can keep making it up if you want but I am just going to tell you about R_ for a little bit because trying to get that all to fit with the tune of the song is just taking too much time... :) ) But like I said he has a pretty nice house. R_ actually went to church last week but went to a different ward and we had never talked with him so I didn't have anything to say about him last week but I have some really high hopes that he is going to get baptized :) He has this friend that is a recent convert of a different ward and she invited him to go to church and he went (we didn't know about this until after we taught him the first time) we saw him at the church and a youth who knows him comes up to us and starts to tell us that he is an investigator and lives in our area. That's just perfect! so we set up an appointment and and we are excited to teach him.... so on tuesday we go to visit him like we had planned and we show up at the house and we are thinking... "it would be really great to have a member present but there isn't anyone who can help us out" (we had already checked...) whatever, we will just have to do without... so we knock on the door and... nobody's home! perfect... so we call him up. " Hey! where are you?" " sorry I will get there in 5 minutes" ah bueno... está bien. He shows up with a friend and so we are thinking great, two new investigators :) NOPE! she's his recent convert friend! :) well that's ok too, so we teach him the lesson and he is like way excited and wants to get baptized and everything, it's great :) in the lesson we were going to give him his own copy of the book of Mormon but when we mentioned a scripture he whipped out the one he already had :) also at the end we were just talking a bit and trying to figure out when we would visit him next and well he couldn't do it one day because he was going to go to institute that day.... What? he has already been going to institute for 2 weeks? Who knew?! So ya, that's just a little bit about R_...

About the conference,  I was listening to the talk from Holland and I thought about you Charley, that's right,  I totally did :) and I almost cried... I don't know exactly why but I think I just felt really good and knew that the Savior is there just waiting to grab us and pull us up over the ledge when we can't make it :) There were so many talks that were so uplifting and inspiring.  They really strengthened my faith and gave me hope :) we just need to be patient and loving and things always work out:) Well... I would talk a lot more about the conference but I left my notes in the house and I kinda don't have time but... ya, I really loved it!  It was such a great spiritual boost and I hope you all have something special to share with me from what you heard and felt :)

Also, this week we cut a tree down and I got some sweet blisters and we got to paint a little bit (that's what the blue jumpsuit is for in the picture, but I was sweatin' buckets in that baby! ;) )

I love you all and hope you could remember your Savior on such a special day and give him thanks by the way you are living,  I know He would really appreciate it :) You are all great! :) BYE!

-Elder Sampson

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