Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30th Ready for Conference!

Quien cree que marzo ya se va a acabar? yo... pues casi no pero que puedo hacer? ni modo...

WHO IS READY FOR CONFERENCE????!?!?!?!? I am :) and also some investigators que est├ín con ganas!!!! (that just sounds a lot better in Spanish) We were in the Gospel Principles class with M_, her son F_, and L_ ( a new investigator they found this week while I was in a different area for divisions) and we were talking about Prophets and how there are prophets today and I started to mention general conference and that it is going to happen this week and M_ had already whipped out her notebook and was copying down the times of the sessions and when I told her that the session at 6 was only for men she looked kinda disappointed.... :/ ha ha she was so excited :) She is really into the whole true church thing :) I just get happy thinking about how she was in class and being there at church and everything :) Her son F_ is alright but not nearly as excited as she is. M_ is like 40 something I think, maybe a little older, she has 6 kids but only three live there with her, C_, D_, and F_. The others are older and married and all that jazz. Their ages are 6, 18, 16 respectively.  C_ always goes with his mom and is just a funny little kid, he is always drawing like deluxe stick figures of me or my comp or whoever else is around and well just a great little guy :) me cae muy bien.

This week I didn't really get to work in our area very much because of my trip to Tampico (I went in one of the nicest buses I have ever seen, like better than first class in an airplane) and we also had divisions twice so it was kinda weird but this week I will be here for the whole week so we will be able to work well :)

A little bit about L_, I don't really know her but she showed up to the church like a half hour early (not because she thought it started that early) and when it all finished she asked my companion "so you are going to come visit me tomorrow right?" so she is pretty excited too. She is the daughter of an investigator that we already had but she just started living with her mother because she was living in a different city or something but now is there with her and we have an appointment with her and we are going to see how it goes :)

C_, well we are going to kinda leave him in the hands of the members for now, he didn't show up to church so well, I think he just needs a little bit of time to get everything all figured out.

Well that is a little about this week I hope you enjoy reading it and I think we will have a recording next week... I love you all :) BYE!

-Elder Sampson

p.s. Do all you can to be ready for conference so you can find the answers that you need in this moment, they will all be there for sure!!! :) Isn't it just great to be in the true church? :)

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