Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20th 3 Investigators at Church!


  Well this week was pretty good by way of investigators at church. Ramón, Mari and Carlos showed up. It is always kind of a surprise to see Carlos because we haven't been visiting him... we pass by his house from time to time but we can never find him but then he randomly shows up to church... it's fine, we are going to see if he is ready to accept a baptismal date.

Things have been going great with Mari. She told us yesterday that she wants to get baptized in the church (she had some doubts about that because she was already baptized in the other church she was going to but now she is just happy to be able to get baptized in the true church!) She was kinda guilt tripping us one day... we had a meeting with the Mission Leader and after we had an appointment with them but the meeting went way over-time and we couldn't get to the appointment so we sent them a text saying that we aren't going to make it. The next day she was getting on our tails because her son, Francisco, was totally waiting for us and wanted to listen but then we didn't show up... she was telling us how sad she was to see the disappointment in his eyes... she made me feel pretty bad... but we let them know how important they are to us and she kinda let it go a bit... but everything is great with them :) We just finished teaching the Gospel of Christ and we are going to start on the Word of Wisdom and Chastity (we left the pamphlets with them, I think she is going to have some questions about not drinking coffee... It's gonna be great! :) )

Ramon is still doing great! He was telling us he wants to accompany us to appointments like one of his friends that is a member was doing... I think that shows a little bit about how sure he is :) He has told us several times that he has prayed and felt that the church is true.

Lizbeth has been kinda busy lately and so we haven't been able to teach her very much... and she hasn't come to church for a few weeks but we are going to keep trying to catch her in her free time and get her to come to church :)

As of right now those are still the ones that have the most potential and that I am the most excited about. We were able to teach and find some new people and we are going to see how it goes with them. You will have to ask Charles about something that happened when we were teaching a lesson this week... it's funny... at least everyone there thought so... ;)

It is so weird to me to hear that Claire is going to be going to college!!!! I'm still geeking out about it! :)

Anyways... That's this week in a really small little tiny chiquito email :) Hope y'all are doing well :) Adiós!

-Elder Sampson

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