Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 13th Zone Goal..1000 Contacts!

Tengo una pregunta para todos los que han servido una misión, Is 1000 contacts for a zone of 8 companionships in a week a lofty goal? for my mission I would say it's a lot but I only know my mission and I don't know very much about others but that is the goal that our zone leaders put and... we are trying to achieve it :)

So that's a little bit about what's going on in the zone... We had a conference and president talked about setting goals and seeing with the eye of faith and not trusting on our own knowledge or our own "reality" you could say and that we have to trust in the Lord and make goals that might be impossible for us by ourselves but with the Lord we can achieve... It is kinda hard but that's what we are going to do and it's gonna be great! :)

This week we had 2 people come to church with us, R_ and M_ . 
A short story about R_. We wanted to change his baptism date from the 9th of May to the 2nd so he could get baptized sooner and so we commented something about that to him and he was thinking about it but didn't confirm nor deny if we could and so the next time we went he says to us " I don't know if we can change the date to the 2nd because.... I already invited a lot of my friends and stuff, do we have to change it?" We told him we didn't have to... wow he is so ready!!!! He has already invited people to his baptism!  It's great :) we are going to keep working with him.

With L_... she got a job so now we haven't even been able to talk to her for a whole week and wasn't able to go to church... we will do what we can to get her back on track and help her get back to going to church and listening to the Restored Gospel and all the stuff that will help her eternally.

With M_ and her kids, well D_ got a new job as well and so he couldn't go to church but M_ is excited about the church again. Like twice she has tried to tell us that she doesn't want to keep listening to us an that she is going to go to the church that she was going to before but she knows the church is true.  She just gets negative feed back from outside sources but with a short lesson and the testimony of a great member and feeling the Spirit she gets back on track :) So all is just fine, we have just had some rough moments with her but then it is all good :)

That's just a little bit about this week :) The Church is true!  I know that Christ is our Savior and that if we trust in him we can do all things the Lord requires. By the way, I read Doctrine and Covenants all the way through for the first time in Spanish :) I know that D and C is true and it is just another evidence that Joseph Smith was a true modern prophet!  I hope you are all great and that you can have an amazing week this week and share the Gospel with someone new :)

-Elder Sampson

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