Monday, March 2, 2015

March 2nd Conocza a los Mormones

Orales.... Pues... Ya es marzo...

The time goes by so fast sometimes!!! It is really weird to think that it is already march... Just so y'all know, I (finally) made another recording! you all kept asking and so... I made one but it is actually a two parter so you should all be doubly excited!!! Apologies to those that don't speak Spanish.... it is all in spanish... But don't worry, there are people around that can translate so... you can ask them :)

In the recording we talk a little about the stake conference we had and the people that were able to accompany us (like Carlos and Juan Ibarra). The Rdz. Perez family wasn't able to come. We were thinking about dropping them for a bit because it seemed liked they had lost a little interest but the last to lessons we had with them might make us keep them on a little longer because they actually read what we left and they were more interested then they had been, and we were able to talk with the dad again, his name is Artemio, because he had work off yesterday. 
We have been able to work with the members more and this week I think it will just keep getting better because now they don't have choir practice for the stake conference because... we already had it! :)

Also... Shhhhh... don't tell anyone... but.... We saw a movie Elder Naylor and I... it was really cool :)  We saw............ drum roll please....(that means you Charley).....   CONOCZA A LOS MORMONES!!!!! It was great :) it was actually showing in theaters in Tampico and other places that have theaters Cinemex but here in Victoria there isn't one of those so we saw it with all the other missionaries here in Victoria in one of the chapels with a projector... but it was still cool! Wow... I think I have changed a little bit here in the mission because I was almost crying... like three times... :/ ahhhhh what's happening to me!?!?!?!? ;) it's all good, but yes, I really liked that movie, it was pretty sweet :)

Anyways... That's all I've got for now but it was a good week. In my personal study I have been reading in D and C and there are some pretty cool promises and instructions that the Lord gives to missionaries in those sections... from like 60 to 80 there are some cool messages if you want to look for them. Well at least I liked them and those kinds of things keep you going when the going gets a little rough :) I am so grateful for the scriptures and well the Gospel in general :) I know that this message can change lives even if sometimes it is only our own lives that we can change in this moment but I know that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ love me and everyone else in this world. One of the messages from the conference was something a seventy said, "if God could give you a message right now he would at least say these three things: "you are the best; I love you so much; and (echale muchas ganas) give it all you´ve got and return home with honor.'" That home that he is talking about there is our Heavenly Home with our Father. I know that is what he wants for all of us and that he is there to help us make it :)  Ă‰chenle muchas ganas!!! :) les amo a todos :) Hasta luego!

-Elder Sampson 

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