Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9th 11 New Investigators

Hello everybody!

Well, This week it was a little sad because we didn't have anybody with us in the church with us.... (one of our really good investigators was sick.... and no one else we were waiting for showed up...) but.... the up side is.... We found 11 new investigators this week!!! yay... more people to teach :) it was pretty cool... we found two families and then some other people.  I have some high hopes for these nuevos we have because they are all pretty great.  We are going to see what we can do to help them to come unto Christ :) 

There is this less active recent convert here that just makes me frustrated.... His name is J__.  The thing is that we teach him really great lessons ( I am not bragging, they were pretty good ;) ) and when we are there with him he shows the signs that he might be starting to change and then.... We talk to him again. He has gone back to his old ways of thinking and changes what we said to his convenience and we have to basically start over again helping him build his faith ( he says that he isn't sure if God exists and thinks that life after death is just one big lie that the scriptures tell....) it is kinda hard to work with him... We left some pretty good challenges with him that if he completes them... well it should help him. We had an interesting experience the last lesson we had with him... I felt like I was inspired to share a scripture with him and the questions we asked him really should help him think about what he is doing and all that but we will see what he has been up to the next time we talk to him. I get frustrated because I just want to help him and when we are there I feel so good about how it goes and then we see him again and it just didn't work out how I would like or how it should've... oh well... I really hope we can help him increase his faith.

Other teaching experiences... we were teaching another family and well, they go to a different church and are good, rational people that will think about the things we teach them and make good comments and actually respond to questions. It was a good experience teaching them and I think it went really well :)

Well that was a little bit about some of the lessons we had... I am about out of time so... I will write you next week.  I love y'all! bye!

-Elder Sampson :)

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