Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March 17th New Companion

Hello.... as I am sure you all guessed, we had transfers yesterday.... and well... se fue Elder Naylor... :/ pues está bien pero nos llevábamos muy bien... es un gran amigo y misionero también. But yes, he is gone now... well serving in another area. And now... my new companion is Elder Mendez!!! I actually already knew him, we were in the same ward in Mante so it's kinda interesting to be his companion now.   He is from Monterrey and so is only like 3 hours away from his house by bus.  That would be so weird... I think we are going to get along pretty well and all that so it's all good.  I will send a pic.

Anyways, this last week was good by way of having lessons and stuff but nobody showed up to church with us other than a new family that is super great!!! The only thing that kills me about them is that... they live in a different area... and so... we won't be able to baptize them and we have to pass the teaching off to some other elders... funny story about finding them... :) we got a message from the mission offices,"NEW REFERENCE" so we were thinking, "well that's cool let's go find 'em :)" so we go to the address and..... it's a bar... ha ha how funny, pulling practical jokes on the missionaries... anyways... REFERENCIA contactada,  bien hecho elderes! That was like 2 and a half weeks ago. Then one night we get a call from the offices. "Hey we have a reference for you guys," "That's great! who is it?" "M__ R___" "a poco... ya contactamos esa referencia, es un bar." "en serio?" "sí....." " pues marquele! aquí está su numero" so we call him up and ask him where he lives.  Turns out he works in front of the bar in a car wash and it actually has the same address as the bar, you've gotta love the organization in Mexico, it's great :) 
So we go and talk to him and find out that he has a friend that lives in Utah right now that invited him to attend the ward where he lives.  He tells us, "well I'm going to go with you on Sunday and bring my whole family" YES!!! it all  sounds great when they say that but sometimes there is a little doubt, I know I need to have a little more faith, its just that because I have heard that a whole lot but I hardly ever see it:/  and then on Sunday... we were there in the Chapel and all of the sudden I see some movement of the members by the doors... and.... They walked in!!!! It was so cool! I just felt good :) but that is also what kills me... they are going to go to a different ward and we won't be able to teach them because they actually live one street away from our area, it's just that the brother happens to work in our area... I know it shouldn't affect me very much because they will still be learning about our Savior and progressing espiritually as a family... I just wanted to be there with them helping them along... but what can ya do? nada.  I am really excited for them :) and we will just have to find other families to teach. 
Well that's an experience that we had this last week :) Another that we had with J___ , he didn't go to church but... we did notice a little change in him from the last time we talked... he didn't mention his work :)  He is always complaining and doubting the church because when he got baptized he thought he would have a lot of work and that the Lord was going to bless him in that way but that didn't happen so he doubts that it is all true, but what happened this time was that he didn't even mention it once! It's a good sign I think :) we will see how it goes for him this week.

Well I don't have much more time so I'll just wrap it up but... I love you all and I hope you have a great week!

-Elder Sampson

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