Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23rd Kind of a frustrating week

How goes it?
Wow Charles, haha you are loco crazy...

Well that sounds like a fun week just taking care of Charles. I printed off that email and also shared it with my companion, he thought it was pretty cool. Well the part about the prayer and all that. It was hard to get over how cool and direct that answer to his prayer was.

 Well about this week... you could say it was a hard one... We were trying all we could to have lessons with members and to find new investigators but it just didn't happen and it was kinda frustrating... my comp has been a little stressed/frustrated because we have been trying and trying and nothing worked out. We weren't able to get anyone to church either which was sad... we did get to go to a baptism here in the ward and an investigator came but then Sunday he didn't show up because he had to work... he had gone 3 weeks in a row! and then... nothin... and we weren't able to teach that family this whole week, we were going to have a tour of the church before the baptism with them and then they were going to stay for the service but then the dad had to work and they didn't show up and I don't know why they didn't come to church but we will go and find out. 
Actually today we talked with a guy in the street and  I think we can get him to progress :) we will see if we can find him this week. I don't really know what else to share... this week was a whole lot of walking around and not being able to teach  people... I am not down or anything... it is just the truth of what has been going on, but we are going to see what we will change this week to be able to actually help some people :)

Here are some pics of Elder Naylor and me. A little more about him... well sometimes we are like the same person... I don't know... we have a lot of things in common and we even look alike... it is weird...I came all the way to Mexico just to meet my double that lives like... less than an hour from my house... well maybe we are so similar because we are different than Mexicans or somethin;)

Well that's about all I've got for this week. I love you all :) Bye!

-Elder Sampson

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