Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 1, 2014 Going on Week #2

   We were out in front of the temple and a really nice lady walked up and asked if we remembered our mom's cell phone numbers'. She said she has been doing that for years so it was great :) The shirts are just fine and are working nicely. My spanish is coming along pretty good I am about as good as this other elder in my district who has had some experience with spanish.  My companion did have a year of spanish and is doing really well. We had a really cool devotional where James B. Martino and his wife spoke. It was about getting the members involved and stuff it was really cool :) we also watch a talk that Elder Bednar gave a few years ago called the Character of Christ, it is really amazing and helped my realize I need to be more loving for others like the Savior so I can be a good teacher, because if we don't love the people, we won't have the desire to bring them to a knowledge of the truth and bring them closer to Christ. We do have a branch president and he is really great, a really straight arrow kinda guy and it's awesome.

  I did get your package thank you! :) I really like having the mini PMG's, it's nice and the Fastbreaks were amazing :) I like the watch too, it's a necessity when you don't have a phone... You could send me some more ties...

   That's cool that Wyatt is going to Mexico, when does he leave?

  Things are going pretty great here and I heard about Ashley putting her papers in, I am excited to hear where she goes. Well I got to go! feel free to send as many letters and packages as you want! ;)
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Elder Sampson and Elder Hunt

Angel Moroni
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