Saturday, February 8, 2014

February 8, 2014 Mormon Missionaries take Vegas!

Well this week was pretty good. Just speakin in the ol' espanol all the time ;) well kinda, we are working on it. Things are going pretty well for me, it seems like everyone else has gotten a cold at least for a little bit but I have been just fine :) I am definitely learning a lot of stuff and I really like my district, we all get along really well.

I will tell about Vegas because that was the most different thing all week. So we had to get up at 3:50 wednesday morning (there were 10 of us missionaries traveling together, me and Elder Hunt and this sister from our district and then 7 missionaries from another zone) to get all ready and then catch a bus for the airport at 5:00 (but it didn't leave till 5:20) so we catch our flight to Vegas after waiting around the airport for a few hours and have people offer us money and food. It was the weirdest thing, I'm just standing there and this very nice man literally drags me into the line at a McDonalds and shoves $10 in my hand and says " just give me the change." I tried to resist but it was no good. Anyway, when we get to Vegas a service missionary (an old fellow named Elder Greer) picks us up from the airport and takes us to the local institute to kill some more time until we went to the Mexican consulate. He told us some things that would help us not get sick and stuff a while we were in Mexico, but basically he was just a nice old man with time to kill and stories to tell so that's what he did. After he was kinda done (two hours later) he said we could wander around the institute and they had a ping pong table! unfortunately he said we couldn't play... :( then it was time for the consulate. Guess what we did there, sit there and get a picture taken and have our fingers scanned. A whole trip to Vegas just for that... ridiculous... anyways back to the airport it was to wait for the flight! The whole day was full of waiting... this nice lady tried to just hand us money, this other man tried to hand us at least $200 to buy food and this other man just went ahead and bought us food so all we could do to be nice was to eat it... and we helped this older lady with some stuff because she was in a wheel chair and she tried to give us money... it was just crazy. It is finally time to get on  the plane and we all get loaded when they find a hole int the wing... That's right a hole! so we all had to get off while they figure out what to do. and that also means... more waiting! yay... It wasn't that bad though, Elder Hunt started talking to this man and swung the conversation toward the gospel so he could teach him, so I tried to help him out when I figured out what he was up to. The man was catholic and wasn't interested in becoming Mormon but it was a good experience :) He wouldn't even take a BOM but that's probably good because Elder Hunt was going to give him his really nice one because he didn't have one of the cheep paperback ones with him... ha ha that Elder... (we aren't supposed to use the word guy) He's the best. I think all the people that fly from Vegas to Salt lake are Mormon because a lot of the people we talked to while we were waiting around were. Anyways, the faith of those people strengthened me because when we got off of the plane they came up to us and told us that they weren't worried about the flight because we were on board or that they found the hole because of us and it was just a really neat experience. so they finished fixing the plane by taping some sheet metal over the hole and we made it back safely :) and we didn't get to bed until like... 11:30... it was a really looooooong day but it was good to know all the stuff for my visa is finalized and I get to go to Mexico!!!

Well that's about all I have time for I hope you liked the story I hope everything is well it's nice to hear about home :) Love you all!

Elder Sampson

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