Saturday, January 25, 2014

January 25, 2014 First Week in the MTC!

Hey Mom!
   I got one of your dear Elders already ha ha you must have sent that right when you got home... You shouldn't have even noticed I wasn't there yet ;) I am doing just fine :) My companion's name is Elder Hunt and he is from Burley  Idaho and is a bit of a nerd... don't worry I'm not going behind his back and saying that he said he is the biggest nerd I would ever know but I know that isn't true. He is pretty great and we get along quite well. He and the two Sister companionships in our district are all going to Tampico as well, there is also another companionship of elders in our district but they are going to somewhere else in Mexico. I don't really know how to differentiate between classes because they are all very similar... we are always in the same room with the same teacher pretty much all the time. The teachers are supposed to speak in spanish pretty much all the time so there isn't really a spanish class... we had to teach an investigator on Friday... in spanish.... it was pretty hard... we also have another appointment scheduled with him for Monday. His name is Jacob Escobar. He isn't a real investigator, just a member acting like one but he is a good actor and we are trying our best to teach him like he doesn't know anything about the gospel. The food is pretty good. I'm actually at the West campus so we don't get the big cafeteria, our's is actually a trailer... but that is ok the food is pretty good even if there is only like two choices. As you mave have guessed today is my P-day and so I haven't had the chance to write anyone yet. I do still get to go to the temple and to main campus on P-days if I want. Our whole zone went to the temple today it was really great. We have  already had gym twice and we played volleyball both times it was pretty fun. We do get to go to Brigham's landing if we want and we are going to do that a little later today so that will be great :) Well I am running out of time and need to write some other people so hopefully i have appeased your appetite for knowledge of how the MTC is going for now, because I know you will always want more info... well I love you and everyone else :)

-Elder Sampson

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