Saturday, February 15, 2014

February 15, 2014 Valentines in the MTC... Sharing the Love


   This week was pretty good. Valentines was pretty good :) I got your package and really liked the ties and the treats :) I got a package from Greg and Susan of some home made chocolates and I am super excited for those, Ashley sent me a valentines package and I really liked it :) I didn't get a pic in the tie from Ashley but I have already worn it twice :)

   A cool experience I had this week was when Elder Hunt and I went to teach a lesson to an investigator someone else was teaching him so we started talking to this lady that was there and she is catholic. Then she asked what my favorite thing about the church was and I told her it was families. She was volunteering at the MTC because she had a little brother that died when he was young and she really wants to be with him again and in the catholic church that isn't what the teach so she was looking into our church. Then I shared with her the story about Nathan and it was just really great to talk about that kind of stuff so it can help other people. Well then we had to go to our lesson but I really hope she accepts the church so she can be with her brother. (by the way the whole conversation was in Spanish).

   Well that was probably the highlight of the week because it just reminded me of how great the Gospel is for me and that it can help other people in the same way.

   I am still healthy and happy, no more trips for me except the one to Mexico in a couple weeks. My Spanish is coming along well I think but I definitely have a lot more to learn!

   That's great Claire is going to prom:) I am kinda sad to be missing the Olympics but I have better stuff to do ;) well I love you all and hope you had a great valentines!

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