Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9th Testimony of the Book of Mormon

Hello! how's it going? good? good :)

So... this week... we didn't get to work all that much... because my comp got sick from some tamales that we ate... so it was a little slow... but he's better now :) so we didn't work on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday... it was a little boring... and on Wednesday we went to Valles and then we worked for an hour and then... back to the house so that was a little... ya know... boring but yesterday and Saturday we did get to working and it was good :) 
On Saturday we visited a bunch of recent converts and we finally taught a lady that we had met a while ago. It went pretty well with her. Her name is Tomasa and we taught her daughter as well :) They were really receptive and were willing to ask God if what we were teaching was true and it was a great experience :) She is catholic (like almost everyone) but doesn't go (another common situation) but said that she doesn't believe that there is a true church, that all are good but none are perfect. We explained a little about why she feels that way but then we testified about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Restoration :) She seemed to be very interested and willing to read in the BOM too.

On Sunday we had a class about the Book of Mormon and I was able to share a little about what we had learned and it was a neat experience to be able to share with all the member that showed up (like 15) my testimony and I invited them to read and reaffirm their testimonies and I was able to feel my own testimony and appreciation for the BOM grow :)

Mari Paz and Pablo came to church again and are progressing quite well... but we are getting a little behind on the lessons and their interview will be this Friday...but we will get 'em prepared! :) 

Well... I don't have much time but I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week! BYE! :)

-Elder Sampson :)

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