Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 24th They Got Baptized and Transfers

Hey! It's Christmas in a month! It's Thanksgiving on Thursday but today... Is dad's BIRTHDAY!!!! :) Happy Birthday! I love you! :)

So news for the week... THEY GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! yup they did :) I baptized Mari Paz and my comp Pablo :) it was pretty great again :) they were really happy and there are excited to keep going strong in the church! :) we also did the confirmations for them and it was a neat experience because I felt that the Spirit was guiding me in what to say and that the word that I said weren't mine :)

Last week we weren't really able to teach a whole lot because we had to go to Valles and also to Tamuin and then we had to prepare things for the baptism but yes, this time there was plenty of water so it was a lot easier to do the baptism but it was all great!  We also took a picture of the branch on Sunday because my comp was going to leave.... and now he did... and now... I have 2 new companions!! That's right... they put me in a trio... (so they wouldn't have to have special changes during the transfer) I am now with Elder Mendez... (a different one) and Elder Perez! Mendez is a convert from Bolivia and Perez is from the Federal District of Mexico ( el DF o M√©xico) 
I don't have a lot of time but I will fill you in a little more next week

... i gotta go... Love y'all! :)

-Elder Sampson :)

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