Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30th I Love the People Here!

Hey! how goes it? Did everyone enjoy thanksgiving? I sure hope so! We only ate pizza to celebrate it.... but it was fine :) it was kinda like all the other days... Well I have a picture of my new companions! Elder Perez is in the middle and the other one that isn't a tall white guy is Elder Mendez :)

Church this week was pretty interesting because it was kinda like my first week here, the branch president couldn't make it and all that and there was a very small number of people there.... like 13... us included and... all but 5 went home early... so it was great! :D haha 
But everything is going great with us.  I like being in a trio but is a little crowded in the house but it is also a good thing because there is less cleaning to do between the three of us :)

So to respond a little to some of the questions mom asked me I am going to tell you a little about how I'm feeling about things at this point :) 
The people here in Tanquian are really great! :) sometimes in the cities the people aren't as willing to give up a little bit of time but here they are super nice! A lot of times they aren't really interested but even then they treat us very well. I like looking for service activities here because there are a ton, the only thing is that a lot of times they don't want us to help them... like they don't want us to lose our time helping them because they feel like we have better things to do... if that makes sense... and even when we explain that we are actually there to serve them... they still don't let us ... but it's fine :) we are still able to find some people that are willing to let us help. 
I have felt a love for the people and a desire to serve them I guess I don't really express it all that much... like I do the things like walk all day in the sun and sweat and do stuff like that and even though I don't think in that moment  I think it is the love that I have that makes it easy to do it all. 
 I never think "I am tired I don't want to do this anymore" or anything like that, even though I am tired, I keep walking and working and I have the strength to keep going, and it is for the love that I and the Lord have for them, even though I don't think consciously about it... I hope that makes a little sense...

We had a cool experience with a recent convert, and it made me realize that the Lord is guiding us even when we don't figure that out until later. So we were looking for some people to visit but they weren't home so we were thinking a bit about what to do (mostly I was because my companions still don't know the area very well, they had like two days, cut them some slack! ;) ) and I thought about Rosalba, she is a recent convert. So we head over to her house and she starts asking us all kinds of questions about baptisms for the dead and stuff like that and so we are like hold on! we've gotta start with a prayer! ;) so we say the prayer and start explaining some of her questions and it turns out that the JW's had been visiting her and trying to convince her that the Church is false and all that... and they kinda had planted a large doubt in there but we were able to answer all her questions and then we told how she could be sure... asking her Father in Heaven. Then she tells us that before we got there she had decided that she wasn't going to go to any church, but then she told us about the time when God had answered her prayer and let her know that the church was true, she had forgotten a little about that but we reminded her to think about it and to look for more experiences like that and she was excited to go to church again :) so it was a cool experience for me because I felt like we really had been able to help her feel the Spirit and remember the love that God has for her and I felt really great because I was able to see that, it was a great experience from this week :)

well... I gotta go! I love you all so much! have a great week! :)

-Elder Sampson

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