Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16th Baptism this Saturday!!!!

HEY!!!! I really don't have much time but I will try to make it worth your while;) haha   

Well... this last week we had the interviews for the up-coming baptisms! :) Mari Paz is 18 and Pablo is 12... or 13... I don't remember right now... but they are siblings, but yes, they will be getting baptized this Saturday

We also had divisions with the zone leaders and we all worked here in Tanquian it was great :). 

We haven't been able to talk with Tomasa again because she is really busy. 

We found some new investigators, Mario and Kayla. We had a great lesson with them about the Restoration and they were really open and willing to find out for themselves and totally accepted a baptismal date! :) but... it is for after the 18th... so... I hope to hear that they get baptized when I am home... :)   It was great because we were able to see that they really listened and thought about what we were teaching and that only happens when the Spirit is present so I felt good about that lesson but... I don't really have all that much time left to write...  

This is a picture of a drunk guy and I! :D it was pretty funny, he was dressed up for Xantolo (shantolo for you English speakers ;) )

Well, gotta go.... sorry for it being so short... :/ Love y'all!

-Elder Sampson

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