Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6th We Have a New President!

Question... Where did June go? it was here just a second ago...

Does time go by really fast for anyone else? for me it does...

A little about this week, Jesus is doing good. He has been reading a little more in the BOM and went to church again :) We straightened him out a little but maybe not all the way but we are working on that and it is improving so that's good.  We started teaching him about the plan of Salvation this week and he has a ton of questions... that's fine it just is a little hard sometimes because he asks about whatever... The questions he asks do have to do with the plan but sometimes he just wants to go really far out of the order so it gets a little confusing but it's all good :) He is doing well but maybe he could progress a little faster. 
Some of the other investigators we have.... Well, I don't know if I commented about Salvador and Adela... they are an older couple we found one day and they are pretty willing to listen to us. An interesting/sad experience that we had with them this week... well I am going to explain the whole thing. So we went to visit them on.... Thursday (I believe....) and when we got there Salvador was in pretty bad shape... he was just lying on the bed and hadn't gotten up all day because his legs and feet hurt really bad (he has diabetes BTW) and so we told them that we could give him a blessing. They were super excited to hear that and were more than willing to let us in and give it to him. Obviously it was a good experience to give him the blessing and we could see the faith and hope that they had. They were so sure that everything was going to be OK after we gave him the blessing it was special and strengthening to see, but then we started talking about their day and what was going on and we found out that they hadn't eaten anything.... all day, and it was like 7:30 at night... so my companion after hearing this was like... We need to buy them some food! So we bought some bread and ham and cheese and we took it to them because they really don't have money (Salvador is blind, they are both old and Adela is always taking care of Salvador) so they were super grateful and all that and we felt good right? Then we have to leave because it is getting pretty late so we say goodbye and we walk out and then Adela asks us, "so how do we get to the church?" and we tell them that we will get a ride set up for them because she didn't know where it was and Salvador is blind... So we go to a recent convert's house and we had a lesson with him and it was great, (his name is Roberto and he got baptized like 4 weeks ago) then afterwards I realize he has a car and that he could give them a ride to the church!  light bulb... :) and so we ask him and of course he says "of course" so perfect.. all set up :) We get to church on Sunday and BOOM! THEY WERE THERE!!! it was great to see them and it happened to be fast and testimony meeting and Salvador wanted to share his testimony, so he did :) but then the sad part... when we were heading to the Gospel Principles class... Salvador was walking with my comp and he told my comp. "consíguenos una despensa" which is basically, "get us some money for food" and my companion was upset... because now he felt like they only went to church because we gave them food and that now they think the church is just going to give them money and they aren't going to go with real interest in the gospel... so my comp was kinda divided... because he felt so bad for them that they were basically starving but now he feels like he has ruined the process of their conversion... if that makes sense to you guys... but anyways... we don't know if they went because they want to grow closer to God or just to get welfare... obviously they need it but it is like...something that can get in the way... I don't know... but ya... that is what happened with them this week :)

About Tomas, well we had an appointment with him but he wasn't there so we don't know what's going on with him...

We got to meet President and Sister Ramirez on Friday! it was good :) They are great and kinda young... they have 3 daughters one is 18 the other 16 and the other 12 and then they have a 3 year-old son.... how crazy is that?  Well we met them in a big meeting with a few zones but today I was able to talk to him a little bit more because I was in a meeting with him for like 2 and a half hours.... he is pretty great and his wife too.   I kinda hadn't mentioned that I am an office elder right now... I am the Health Secretary! haha surprise! I have been that the whole change but I hadn't really said anything about it (as you may have noticed) but ya, we had a meeting with him and we talked about how things are going to work in the mission :) but, just a side note... my P-days are now going to be on Saturday! Just a heads up :)

Umm... It is sad that two apostles have died recently... I did hear about Elder Packer... it was sad... but it is kinda the same thing as with grandma, he was suffering a lot it looked like and I am sure that he is very happy to be on the other side :) I just want to know who the new Apostles are going to be! we only have 10 in the Quorum right now... It is going to be interesting to see who's next :)

Anyways... this has been kinda long... I hope you enjoy it :) I love you all! BYE!

-Elder Sampson

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