Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 18th Missionaries from your Church

Well, this week was alright, well a little slow to be honest but we made some goals in weekly planning to get things turned around. We have been struggling with finding new investigators and such so we are going to work on contacting more and also going with referrals that we have to be able to find the people who are looking for the truth :) 
We had an interesting experience a few weeks ago because it was how we met a family that we invited on Friday (yesterday) to get baptized in August. So one day, we were walking down the street with the one recent convert we have in our area and we had just gotten out of a lesson and we were going to the next one, but all the plans that we had... fell through... so we didn't know what to do in that moment but then I saw my companion start walking up to a house where a lady there had motioned for him to come over.  So he gets to the house (the convert and I follow behind him a little) and she asks my comp if we can give a blessing to a little baby. We say that we can and we walk into the house. Then we start to talk to them a little and find out that they aren't members... What happened is that when we were walking past she was talking on the phone with her daughter that lives in California or something and the daughter is a member. The lady mentioned to her daughter that some of the missionaries from her church were walking past so the daughter told her mom to go out and ask us for a blessing. The granddaughter of the lady (the niece of the member in Cali) was only 2 weeks old and was really fussy all the time so they wanted to have a blessing. So we give the baby a blessing and we put another appointment and we leave. Yesterday we went back and taught them about baptism and we invited them to get baptized and they accepted! I kinda doubted they would to be honest because they don't really talk all that much when we are there and they have a GIANT picture of the virgin Guadalupe on their wall, but they surprised me with their openness and all that so it was great! :)

A little about Jonathan, he didn't go to church because they changed his work schedule but he still really wants to go :) 
Jesus is coming along little by little, but he is now reading more and stuff like that so it's good :)

Answers to questions from mom:

I do like our mission president.   He's great!   He is funny :) I haven't really seen much of his family, I only saw his kids once and his wife twice so I think they are usually pretty busy with life.

I will probably be here for 3 months more, the leaders and secretaries are normal in for 3 changes. Maybe president will change that later on but as for now it will probably be like that but we will see. I will be with my comp for this next change as well because he got here one before me, but then he will probably go, and I will be with someone for a change and then probably get transferred. The APs do pretty much all the stuff with the changes so it won't really affect me much.

President doesn't really speak much English... I haven't ever talked to him in English or heard him talk in English and he says he doesn't know much.

But anyways, that's a little about this week!  I love you all :)

-Elder Sampson :)

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