Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 30th New Mission President Tomorrow!

WOW! It is sooooo weird, tomorrow we are going to have a new president! it's crazy... I sure am going to miss President and Sister Jordan.... they are the best :) I think they are great!  Sister Jordan is pretty funny :) We always just talk about random stuff with her and well she always tells some crazy stories from the mission... it's great :) and President is really great too. He always can help me with any problem I have and is always super patient with everybody, they are the best! I am sad they are leaving... but I am also excited to have a new President! But it's going to be really weird at first...

Anyways, today we went to the Temple!!!! It was super awesome!! I love going to the temple, it is like the best place on the whole planet! (and I don't need to go to all the places in the planet to know that ;) ) I love the peace and tranquility that I feel just being inside and all the things that I have learned just for the spirit that can be felt in that special place. I am so greatful for the opportunity I have had to go and experience such wonderful things and I know that the temples truely are Houses of God and that His Spirit dwells there and wants to teach us and help us understand the love He has for us :)

This week was a good one I would say, we had more lessons with members present than in past weeks and we were able to get Jesus to come to church again.  
This week our zone leaders gave us a challenge to give away Books of Mormon! We had to carry a BoM in hand each day and give it to someone and if one day we didn't give it away, the next day we would have to carry the one from the day before AND the other one for that new day so if you didn't give one away you would have to give two the next day! It was a little crazy... but it's all good, I have had some cool experiences with giving it away more and it also helps us to find new investigators! A win win :) 
Like... This week (yesterday) we went to the house of a contact we did once and we found his dad there so we started talking to his dad and we just taught him about the BoM and he was really interested. We gave him one and he wanted to read it and we invited him to get baptized and he accepted! It was great! His name  is Tomás! He is an older guy and is a carpenter. We hope he will progress because he seemed really excited to read.

Jesus... he's doing fine.  The biggest thing right now is that we have to change how he sees us because he sees us more as friends than missionaries so we are going to have to help him change his point of view towards us. Like... he sees us as friends, then missionaries instead of missionaries then friends... I hope that makes sense... but ya, right now those are the biggest things with him right now. He did go to church but only because we go by to wake him up... well he would go if he was already up, but he never is... so we have to try his faith a little...

But ya, that's a bit about this week :)  But, mom to answer some of your questions: It is a nicer area, it's in the city, kinda near downtown so it's not really poor or anything, there are some big stores all around our area but in our's there is only a store called ChedrauĂ­ which is rather large and has many
American products. By our area there are some big stores like Walmart, Office depot, and others so it is pretty nice I would say. 
My comp and I get along quite well and I (that's right, me) am always talking to him... like... I don't know, with him I am a talkative person and we talk about whatever so it's great. We joke around a lot and so it's fun :) We were talking on Sunday about what we can do to help the area and to improve as missionaries so we are going to make it a great week :)

Anyways.... I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week! BYE!

-Elder Sampson

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