Saturday, July 11, 2015

July 11th I'm Serving in the Office


So... the secret is out... I'm in the office... haha :) um... well what I do is... help all the other secretaries! and some other stuff. I have to fill out medical reimbursements, I have to send an insurance claim to the company that the church has to pay for medications and stuff like that so I just have to check the medications they have taken and then send that to the people and then they send money to the mission :) cool right? :D and now... I might start taking the calls from sick missionaries to tell them what to do or things like that, Sister Jordan used to do that but now Sister Ramirez has other responsibilities so maybe that will be my job or maybe they will find someone else, but ya, that's basically my job but I also go with other missionaries or secretaries if they have an errand to run and their companion is busy with something and random things like that.  And my companion is the referral secretary so he has to manage the referrals that the mission receives like from other missions or when missionaries here in the mission have a referral for a different area, they give it to us and we put it into the system (I actually have helped with that a bit) and so ya, that's what we do here :) We are part-time secretaries so we work everyday in the afternoon, so in the morning we work in the office or we have a meeting or weekly planning and then we go to lunch and then we work in our area.  I am enjoying it :) we get to interact more with other elders and stuff so that is fun and to be honest, the mornings here out in the field are always kinda dead so it is nice to avoid a little bit of that time and do something productive and then get to working in the field after that.  It's and interesting change of pace :) We don't live with the other office elders we live in our area.

So now a little bit about our area, we found a really great investigator this week!  Well I think we talked to him last week but then we went and visited him this week and it was really great :) I haven't mentioned Jonathan already have I? He is really great :) He is 18 and really into learning about God and the Gospel. He is really willing to search for himself and find the answer :) He read the pamphlet about the restoration and the one about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He now has a book of Mormon and is excited to read it!  Èl es bombero (firefighter)!!!! que padre no? :) so that means he has time to read when the sit around the station while nothing too exciting is happening (like taking care of wasp nests, crocodile wrangling ;) ) haha we asked him about what he does and it seems pretty fun :) He just started there and still isn't like a full time bombero but he has to go all the time, he spends 24 hours there and then has a 24 hour break... isn't that exciting? So on the down time they can do whatever they want like read, watch tv, sleep, whatever, so he is going to read a lot... :) I hope and I really think he will :) He totally invited himself to church, they were talking about his schedule and when he talked about Sunday he just threw in the phrase "and Sunday I'm going to church" and he was talking about the LDS church... so that was great :) and so ya, that's a bit about Jonathan.

And with Jesus, well he hadn't read yesterday when we visited him so we read with him and then the JAS (Young Single Adult) that accompanied us invited him to go to institute with them and they got him excited about it so I hope he goes and then there could be some serious fellow shipping going on and it would be great :) He was actually going to go to a jam session with one of the youth in the ward but he had to go to a photo shoot and couldn't make it... but things are going good with him, he said that he likes going to church and when he is there it seems like the time goes by super fast so I think that is a good sign :)

So that is a little about what has been going on this week and a little about the office, I only have one picture of the office right now, it's a picture of the secretaries of the mission, one is the financial sec. and the other (the bigger one) is President's Sec.
 Les amo mucho :) quídense!!!!

-Elder Sampson :)

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