Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15th Getting adjusted to my new Area


Sorry if my email last week was lame... I had a lot going on in my head and very little time.... I don't know, maybe I can prepare a little bit before I get here so I don't have to think so much about what to tell you... but... anyways... some crazy news... My mission president is goin' home!!!! We are all getting ready to meet the new president. He gets here July 1st! that is just a few weeks away! It's kinda crazy for me... I don't even really think I am taking it in right now... but anyways, the new president is from Monterrey and is going to come with kids and everything, it's going to be strange.... But this week we had the good-bye president conference and it was pretty good and sad and happy and weird and a whole bunch of other things at the same time... so ya... but anyways something that is going on around here in my area....

Well, right now there are some problems in the ward I feel like... some conflicts between members that have been going on for a long time... but we are trying to get them to leave it all behind so the ward can progress ... it is quite a daunting task but we are going to try to help so pray for us! :) The area here is kinda struggling... we don't have many investigators and we hardly found any new ones this week, we are going to turn everything around! We are even going to clean up the house!!! It was a mess when I got there and it has definitely improved a little throughout this week but I am going to keep working on it so that it isn't a gross place to live...
Right now we have an investigator whose name is Jesus and he is 20. He doesn't really do anything really... he is living with his family (I believe his parents but I am not actually sure...) and has a really strange sleep schedule, like yesterday he slept in and didn't go to church but... the thing is that he didn't get up until 6 in the evening! So it was kinda sad but he did go to a family home evening that we had in the house of a part member family and I think he enjoyed it.  
There is also a really great recent convert that got baptized the Saturday before I got here... how sad... but not really, it would have just been cool to be at his baptism but he is doing great, he is 25 and understands everything really well, he was an atheist before and now he's a Mormon! He actually gave like a 10 minute talk in sacrament yesterday and it was really good :) he nailed it! 
And also yesterday we found 2 new investigators!!! They are good, we are going to visit them on Tuesday.

This week was kinda hot and hard and there are a ton of mosquitos but it's good. We are going to have a much better week :)

My comp and I get along quite well and we tend to talk in English a little more than I am used to... I want to talk more in Spanish so I don't lose my accent... so ya, he actually speaks spanish well, we just start talking in English sometimes and I do remember Mountain Green now and he does know that lady... her kids are his age... or one of them I believe.... but ya, I believe it is going to be a fun change!

I love you all! have an amazing week! bye.

-Elder Samsung/Simpson/Panasonic/Sansón and all the other names that one hears when he gets to a new area... ;) hahaha

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