Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4th Played the Piano in Church!

Hey!!! What's been goin' on?

I just want to share a little bit about what happened this week in church... only Ramon showed up... but he totally shared his testimony in the fast and testimony meeting!!! it was awesome :) and actually he brought a friend with him... she lives in the ward boundaries of some other elders so we won't get to teach her but it was still cool.  He also sang in the men's choir (we sang "Venid los que tenĂ©is de Dios el Sacerdocio") and so did Elder Mendez and Elder Powell and Elder Nixon (the other elders in the ward with us) and I actually didn't sing... I played the piano! That's right! well... I actually only played the right hand but they told me like 20 minutes before the meeting started so I practiced a little bit and then played it... it was alright but hey! it's something :) but then they wanted me to play in priesthood meeting as well but didn't give me any time to practice so it was a little rougher that time... :) but ya, anyways... Ramon is doing great.  We talked with some of his young single adult friends and they are going to organize a special surprise choir for his baptism.  It's gonna be sweet :)

A little bit about this week... We have a new Zone leader who is an ex-assistant to the president who happens to be from Colombia who was my second district leader (way back in my first area....) and well... we put the goal of 1000 contacts in the street in a week again,  but this time for the whole change!  Elder Mendez and I have had up to 22 contacts in one day... maybe that isn't a ton for some people but for me it's a whole bunch! The elders in the district have been doing pretty good with that so we'll see how it goes:)

We had a special conference this week with the mission president and his wife and also a 70 and his wife... it was cool.  The 70 that came to visit was Elder Lester Johnson from the 4th (I think) quorum of the Seventies and it was only the two zones here in Victoria and the 70 and president and their wives :) We got to ask him questions and everything.  It was really cool :) He taught us about the Sabbath day and how we can teach it because sometimes as missionaries we teach the Sabbath just so the people go to church and sometimes we don't really teach them what it's all about... yes we need to go to church on Sunday but there is more to that when it comes to keeping the Sabbath day holy... so it was a cool experience :) I learned about how we shouldn't make a list of do's and don't's (that was mentioned in conference) but that we should think about everything we do and see if it brings us closer to God or if it pushes us away from Him. We receive so many blessing if we can put to one side our will and do the will of God for at least one day a week.  I invite you all to think about how we can keep the Sabbath day more holy this week and then keep doing that every week :) You will be able to feel a difference, I know will. 

A little bit about Mari... I don't know why she didn't come to church this week... she promised us she would on Saturday but then didn't show up Sunday...and didn't answer her phone so we haven't been able to talk to her but we are going to head over there today... she is always so excited when we are there with her but then she doesn't show up... we are going to have to talk to her a bit about that... but we'll see how it goes :)

From the contacts we had this week we are going to follow up on a bunch and see who is ready to progress so we can help 'em out.

With the land owner (Oscar) we had a little grilling party today.... we were able to use some seasoning that Oscar had and they turned out pretty dang good :)  I will send a pic :)

Well that's all I've got for this week. I hope you are all doing well and that you can all be ready for Mothers day! Can't wait to see y'all :) Love ya!

-Elder Sampson

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