Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11th Ramon was confirmed a member of the Church

Well... I kinda talked to you guys yesterday but... what's up? It was really great talking to you all and being able to see your bright smiling (maybe a little grogy/sleepy) faces :)

I don't have a whole lot to say because I said a lot of it yesterday and I don't want to be repeating  everything like like like a broken record ;) but I do want to talk about Ramon's confirmation :) he almost didn't make it...  he went to pick up his friend that lives kinda far away and showed up kinda late... but its okay he was still able to get confirmed and receive the Holy Ghost and all the really important things to complete his baptism by water and spirit :) 
The only thing that made me kinda sad was that he wasn't able to pick up an investigator that was going to come with us... he went for his friend pretty early and then didn't have time to pass by the lady's house and she felt kinda stood up... :( We went by her house later to ask her forgiveness and she let us know that she was kinda waiting for the ride the whole morning... normally she sells clothing on Sunday mornings but this week she didn't so she could go to church... and then Ramon didn't ever show up so... ya... at least we helped her keep the Sabbath day holy :) but maybe we kinda tricked her into doing it even though we weren't trying to... :) but she was pretty cool about it and said that she would go with us this week and we promised her we would pass by her house personally :) Her name is Dora, by the way, she was a prior investigator that I taught a few times with E. Naylor and then we dropped her because she wouldn't go to church (because she was selling clothes). Then with E. Mendez we were walking up the street that she lives on and the brother that was accompanying us said "there is someone on this street that you guys visited before right?" because he had gone with us to visit her once or twice. I told him that we had and then Elder Mendez wanted to visit her again so a couple days later we visited her and she told us that she had gone to Texas to visit her daughter for a while and had taken the BOM with her to read and that she had left it there and wanted a new one, how great is that?  So we started to teach her again and it looks like she is ready to progress :)

But that's all I've got for now! Hope you all have a great week and all that good y'all :)

-Elder Sampson :) 

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