Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18th Ramon is doing great!

Well, you know what they say... a picture is worth a thousand words and so... I am already sending you all like a 1500 word email so there won't be any complaining, kapeesh? ;) (I have no idea how that word is spelled....)

This week was a hard one... We had interchanges as a zone and then interviews with president so we didn't have that much time to be working in the area.
Dora is doing great, she is still reading the BOM but she didn't go to church... she read more than what we left with her so it seems like a good sign :) Ramon is still going strong!  This week he had his interview to receive the priesthood

(I had a plan going so he would be able to bless the sacrament this up coming week but we will see how it goes because he had to go to work and wasn't able to receive it this week, he passed his interview and all but couldn't make it to our meetings, he went to an earlier ward to catch the classes and partake of the sacrament) and he is already inviting his friends to go to church and institute and all that jazz :)

So... we weren't able to find very many new investigators this week... but one of the investigators that we had kinda surprised us (mostly my comp). We passed by her house one day (her name is Olga) and my comp said that he saw her hide when we showed up so he thought that she didn't want anything to do with us. That was last week... and this week I said I wanted to visit her and see what we can do to teach her and so we show up and she is there with her son and some of her grandkids and we walk up and she kinda asked why we hadn't passed by for a bit and that one of the days we went to the house she was trying to get outside but we left too soon and we were already gone by the time she could stick her head out the door... so we talked to them a little about the BOM and then we left because it was late and we have to get to the house on time. But she seems really interested and wants to learn more. We just have to figure out why she didn't come to church and help her overcome whatever it is that is stopping her. 
We also found an investigator that has like 9 years investigating the church... Her name is Dulce and she wants to get baptized but she might be living with someone with whom she is not married so... we are going to see what we can do,  but she seems really interested also.  We just have to keep working on getting people to go to church, that is the big hold up we always have...

The interviews with president were pretty great.   We talked for like 40 or 50 minutes, it was fun. We talked about how I am doing as a missionary, why I have had some of the companions I've had and other stuff like that, he made me feel pretty good about myself :) I think I might be rather hard on myself and he helped me see what I have done and pointed out a few things that I hadn't thought of... but it was enjoyable for me to be able to talk with him about all that I had going on in my head... :)

But there you have it, a little bit about this week.  I love you all!

-Elder Sampson

PS on my birthday we had a district meeting and they brought a cake for me :) you'll just want to be careful because here they have a tradition of taking a little bite (mordida) of the cake before they cut it but there is also a tradition of shoving the face of the person who's birthday it is when they go to take the first bite... :)
And this is a pic of the gifts the Walkers sent me for my birthday.  Thank you so much!

PPS It was sad to hear about great grandma but she was waiting for that for a really long time, I know she is a lot happier where she is now :)

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