Monday, February 16, 2015

February 16th Interviews with President


Feliz día del amor y amistad!!! de México!!! jaja :) well... it's a little late but it was the best I could do and... well I did know it is presidents' day  for that nifty little calender you sent me that has that super funny picture of Grandpa from Claire's snapchat.. it makes me laugh every time I see it :) and... Well I knew it was Nathan's birthday yesterday also, I am so glad that we know how it all works out in the end with the Plan of Salvation and all that :)

Well this week was cool because we had interviews with Pres. and fue bien padre.  Mi compa y pres. hablaron por una hora y 10 minutos!!! estábamos allí en la estaca desde las 9 hasta las 5:30... pero me gustó bastante :)

This week I really don't have much time but just so you know, Carlos came to church and well... está con ganas :) he is really coming along quite well.  We haven't been able to teach him this week but we were able to talk to him last night and he is like watching little videos about the Book of Mormon that explain the stories and  is already hearing about Alma and has the stuff down pretty good and was sharing what he learned from the stories.  Don't worry I am pretty sure the videos are from the church and all that so they won't be putting in unwanted false info :) you've got to be careful sometimes with what you find on the internet. 
That family that we were teaching didn't show up... none of them are members, the dad doesn't count as one because we will have to baptize him but they didn't come because their car kinda broke down or something.

We are getting along great my companion and I but I will write more next week because I don't have any more time because we were cleaning the house for like 4 hours because it was a huge mess... but it is a LOT better now, just a few things to finish up tonight and it will be great :)

Well I love you all and I will write more next week :) Adiós!!

-Elder Sampson

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