Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb 9th My New Area

Hello everybody!

 Well, I have to apologize right off the bat that I won't be sending any pictures but if you want to know what Elder Naylor looks like, just think of me... just a tinny bit shorter a little bit thinner and with brownish greenish eyes.... and there you have him! Elder Naylor! haha it's kinda weird to be with someone that looks so much like me after being around Mexicans all the time... Today we went to get haircuts and I was just sitting there looking in the mirror at me then at him then at me and thinking "wow... this is weird..." we aren't exactly the same but it is kinda weird....

Well about the new area. My comp was already here when I got here so he has one change here. He has about 7 months in the mission. There are some investigators that they were already teaching when I got here and there are some with some good possibilities :) 

One is a family :) and the father already got baptized in the US but never got confirmed so... we have to baptize him again and then get him confirmed.  We are teaching his whole family and it is pretty great :) 

Also, there is an investigator that is a dentist and lives with his dad, who is an atheist, and well, he totally came to church! His name is Carlos and he participated and everything in Elders quorum so it was cool... He is reading the BOM and progressing, we are going to try to get him baptized the last week of this change :) 

A cool experience we had yesterday. We went to the house of a street contact we had during the week and we started talking to him and he starts to say... "Well... my family and I go to another church and I don't want to separate us by going to another church and I don't really want to change anyways..." and then his wife says from the other room "But you got baptized in that church!"....... ¿Que? all of the sudden he is an inactive member! Who knew? well we started talking to him and he asks... Why doesn't it say Joseph Smith in the Bible? And so we talk about that a little but then we start to focus on the BOM and testimonies of Joseph Smith as a prophet and all that and well it turned out to be a really great lesson and he accepted a copy of the BOM (he didn't have one because he had like 25 years since he left the church) and was all excited to read it and accepted another appointment, something he wasn't going to do at the start. It was cool to see how he changed as we talked to him and that our testimonies were able to help him rekindle the testimony that he had lost over the years, We are going to see him next Sunday so I will let y'all know how it goes :)

Well that's all I've got for now :) I love you! :)

-Elder Sampson

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