Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 5, 2014 Ricardo is still going strong!


 We had Ricardo and Virginia at chuch yesterday. Ricardo is still going strong and that's great, he has been clean from drugs for two weeks which is great. We had never met Virginia before, Hermana Ibarra invited her to come and she did and she really liked it. Later we went to Hermana Ibarra's house and Virginia came over and we taught her about the restoration and she was really interested. She has so much faith and told us how God always answers her prayers and helps her get through everything. She even told us about a little miracle that happened to her. She usually needs glasses to read books or texts from her phone or whatever but in the Gospel Principles class, when Elder Macías asked her to read a passage from the Book of Mormon she prayed and asked for help to read the letters because she didn't have glasses and she was able to read it perfectly fine. It was a cool story for me to hear. We are going to keep teaching her because she really wants her life to change and be part of the church.  We had a bunch of investigators but a lot of them didn't want to progress so we have dropped them for the time being. We still teach Jorge but he still can't really walk very much or sit for very long so he hasn't been able to come to church, but the last time we went he had gone to the doctor and we don't know what happened but he was not happy and he wouldn't even let us in the house, we are going to go back when he has had a little bit of time to calm down. We teach less actives a bunch because there are quite a bit of them. 
In pretty much all the lessons we teach the first two lessons from preach my gospel because we haven't had a whole lot of people progressing, the first two lessons are the restoration and the plan of salvation. They usually go pretty well but sometimes the people get pretty side tracked and it is hard to get them back focused on the topic of the lesson. Everyone here likes to share their life story ha ha :) I always try to bear testimony because that is what helps the Spirit be there and allow them to learn and feel the truth. I sure hope they feel the spirit and I try to follow it as best as I can.

We did exchanges again, I didn't like it much because I stayed in our area so  I had to act like senior companion because the other missionary doesn't know the area and what not. I still am not ready to be senior companion and I felt like the day wasn't very successful... I didn't like that feeling one bit... I tried my best to be effective but I don't know... it wasn't a very good day. I have to learn how to do it some how because I will need to do it all the time eventually and I have to do it again on Tuesday. I feel like we do divisions too many times but I don't know, I just don't like the idea of being in charge again so soon...

Elder Lawson is from Ogden and he has been out for 8 months now, he got here the same time as Elder Macías.

I understand about grandma... I know it is hard to see her decline like that and be in so much pain. 
I agree with you that it would probably be best if that did happen because then she would be able to be with grandpa and not have to struggle so much.

I still haven't got the Easter package and I wonder when I will get the birthday one... I did get some dear elders last week so that was cool.  I got one from Mom, John Holland, and Gma and Gpa Sampson. They were great :)  Thank you so much!!!!

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week :) ¡Adiós!

Elder Sampson

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