Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014

(This is in response to me letting him know about Fritz)  Wow... Things are going to be really different when I get home and I did not see that coming... I was actually thinking about him the other day... ah it is just so weird... grandma I knew it was coming and it was actually a blessing for her even though it was hard for the rest of us... But I didn't expect this... 

 Anyways, about this week. Ricardo hasn't been doing that great, he went back to his old ways and I think it has gotten him discouraged, we will see what we can do to help him and I don't think things are going well with him and Dulce. 
We have been teaching Andy, he is 9 years old and his parents are members but inactive and he wasn't baptized when he was 8 so now it goes to us missionaries. He likes to listen to us and talk and always seems excited. We teach his dad from time to time and we got permission from him to teach Andy but we haven't talked to  the mom and when someone from the primary went to take him to church she said no... so we are going to talk to her and see what we can do. 
Virginia is still doing great, she comes to church and reads the stuff we leave her and if she has a question she asks which is good thing because it means she is paying attention and wants to learn. :)  
The mission leader invited a friend to church and he came so we are going to see what we can do to teach him.  I think we will get somewhere with him and I hope we can help him change his life for the better by following Christ. 
Oh for my birthday we ate sushi and we went to the center and I bought myself a really cool shirt, well I think it's really cool... like all hand woven and stuff and today we didn't get to go to the temple like we thought we would be able to so we got together as a zone and made breakfast and played games and just had a great time. I will send you some pictures next week.

Well... that's all I've got. Love you all! Bye!

-Elder Sampson

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