Saturday, September 5, 2015

September 5th David got Baptized!!!!!!

Well... I am not going to say anything about my companion this week... I am just going to send a picture of him and you all have to guess what he is like just based on the picture of him, I know there will be some hard core judging going on but it will just be a little bit of fun ;) haha :) I can't wait to see what you all say about him... :) 
So... David did get baptized... YES!!!! A girl from the college he is going to spoke ( I don't remember her name) and also Hermano Torres (he's in the bishopric) and then at the end another friend from school gave his testimony and then David did too! It was good :) Afterwards we had the activity! and... well it was good but not a whole ton went considering that it was a stake activity but it was alright :) Everybody that went said they really liked it.  Oh, Roberto, David's friend was the person that baptized him and Elder Marsden confirmed him so it was pretty cool and all the missionaries in the zone sang a special number (the one about looking for rainbows after rain) 
Jorge went to the baptism and the activity and to church the next day so he is doing well :) This week was good, we are getting to know some more of the members in the area of the sisters and also some of their investigators.

My comp will also serve in the offices, I am now doing what my comp did and I taught my new comp what I did and so that's what's going down with all that.

Ya... so it seems like we won't be able to have 5 in September but we will definitely have one with Jorge with how things have been going with him :) So that's great!

An experience that we had yesterday was pretty interesting.... My comp was going through the teaching records of the sisters to find some more people to visit in the area of the sisters because we don't know very many people on that side of the ward and he wrote down a few addresses and the names of the people and we headed out to work. So we start looking for these people and we go to the house of someone named Laura... and we yell "Buenas tardes!" and someone asked, "who are you looking for?" "Laura Valles." So then a lady gets up from her seat (she was in her house but the door was open, they almost always just leave the door open because it is so hot all the time!) and she walks out and we see that she has a problem with her feet but she uses a crutch and can walk. We start talking to her and she says that she started going to another church because she really needed God and the sisters stopped going and she didn't know what to do... She told us that she had read the part of the book of Mormon that they left and had just been waiting for the sisters to come back and talk about it and all that... we felt really bad and explained why the sisters hadn't gone and she said we could go back and keep teaching her! She really has a lot of potential and has a desire to know God, especially in these moments of her life (because we always need Him, all the time) and so we are going to visit her on Tuesday and I hope we can help her to find God but in the true church and not just the closest place to her house... But I want to help her find the truth and help her be able to accept it :)
Sounds like a bunch of crazy stuff has been going on back there in Utah...
Well that's pretty much what's been going on these days.  I hope you can get everything ready for the big day!!!  That's so weird to think that in a little less than two weeks... Lauren is going to get married... and also it is pretty weird to think of all the things that have already happened in the family...  I feel like it will be rather different when I get home...

And also, if you could give Logan my email and tell him to email that would be great :)

Well, I love you all a bunch! Have a great week!! :)

-Elder Sampson

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