Saturday, September 12, 2015

September 12th More to do in the office and Re dedicating the Mexico City Temple

Well... This week went quite well, not like the best of all time but good :) We had a few investigators in church but the worst part was... that Jorge didn't go... and his date fell through... we will have to wait until Oct. to baptize him... :'( pero... ni modo. He is still doing very well and is ready to progress and all that :) 
The struggle we have been having this week is finding new people to teach, the ones that we had are all kinda burning out and we need new ones, so we spend a lot of time looking for new people and all that but we haven't been able to find any with desires to progress but we are going to keep looking and try to get with the members to have more referrals and stuff like that, it is going to be good :)

Another interesting thing that happened this week is that my comp. and I are going to be assigned to the records as well! We are going to take the place of a senior couple that goes home soon that were in charge of the records so now we are going to have more to do here in the offices...  yesterday they were teaching some of the new stuff we have to do.  It will be good :)

Today there is going to be a cultural event that will be broadcast from Mexico City as a celebration of the re dedication of the Mexico City temple! So we can go to that broadcast and then tomorrow we don't have regular meetings, we just have to go to the re dedication and I am super excited! :) It is going to be cool :) and then next week we are going to the temple here again so it is the best!

This week we were talking to Ana (eternal investigator) about her marriage and divorce and all that and we set some goals for when she can get baptized! She should be able to get divorced in like 2 months and then get married and then baptized! But we probably won't visit her a whole lot because she can't progress until she gets that all figured out but we have the goal set and so we will be checking up on her so that it can all work out and she can get baptized soon!  
There is also another family where the parents aren't members because they can't get married and we visited them and we are going to do a fast with them to find the way to get the divorce all worked out. But those are just a few things that have been going on around here.

I have been reading in the old testament and I am at the part when Moses is preparing the house of Israel to go into the promised land and in that part it talks a lot about why God gives us commandments and what we get if we obey or disobey them. It is interesting because God is always saying (through his prophet Moses) that he wants to bless his people but he can't some times because they are aren't obeying the commandments but as I was reading that part it mentions over and over that God just wants to bless us, we just have to receive the blessings by striving to be obedient. A lot of people don't understand that but I am grateful for the Spirit and the Gospel and everything that the Lord has given me (and everyone) to help us understand that He truly is a LOVING Heavenly Father and he is waiting for every opportunity to pour blessings into our lives. I know He loves me and everyone else in this world and that has restored His Gospel to let us really know it :) Share it with everyone so they may know it too!! :)

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

-Elder Sampson 

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