Saturday, September 19, 2015

September 19th We saw Ramon at the Temple!

Well... I kinda already wrote a little bit to everyone so this is going to be a little short because I don't have much time.

This week we have still been battling with finding new investigators and all that but we keep on working so it's all good :) 
We went to the temple on Tuesday, had a zone conference and a training meeting yesterday and it was great (well both experiences :) ), and also today we happened to be passing in front of the temple and... we ran into Ramon! The recent convert from Victoria! It was so awesome to see him! He came in a temple excursion to do baptisms! It was great to see him and talk to him for a bit :) He told me that he is now planning on serving a mission when he completes a year as a member! :) I was super excited to hear that because before he was kinda ify about it and didn't really want to... but he said that it is now his plan! It was great :) 
Also we had the re dedication of the temple and it was really special!  We got to hear from President Eyring and Elder Holland and some other speakers.  They were all really great :) but that's about all the time I've got so I am going to end it here but I love you all and... felicidades a Lauren... and Gavin too! :) It is really weird for me that whole her being married thing... haha :)

-Elder Sampson :)

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  1. this young man is such a S.T.U.D. spiritually tuned up disciple. thank your for sending these out to us and allowing us to enjoy the spirit of missionary work through your family. you should be very proud of your children they are awesome just like your whole family is.