Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5th Happy New Years!

Happy New Years everyone-

Well New years was like every other day here in the mission, just preaching the gospel and all that good stuff :) We didn't get to do anything special so we just worked and then slept and then it was the new year, just like that :) it is definitely weird being in the mission sometimes but it is all good :) we did have tamales that's for sure :)

Well a little bit about my companion, he is doing all right. The first couple days right after that he was thinking about it a lot and would talk to me about it but he has kinda let it go at least for now, I don't know if he is blocking it out or just not talking to me about it but he has been working like normal. I don't really know how I can comfort him more, it is something that I don't really understand but I tried the best I could to be there for him and all that.

Sunday was pretty good :) we had Anatolio, Marisol, and Maria de la Rosa there with us and it was great :) and now we have ward mission leader :)... :/ it is good that we have one but it is sad why we needed a new one... the old one (he is actually quite young) was going to serve a mission and all that, he had his call and was getting everything ready (we hadn't been working with him because he was out of town for a long time and just got back) but then the church that his sister now goes to shared some false information about the church with his parents and they shared it with him and now he can't come to church (or won't, I'm not sure) and isn't going to serve a mission, and another joven that was getting ready to serve and has his call has also said that he isn't going to go.... I was so sad when I heard about all this... ugh.... why do liars exist in the world.... sigh... we just have to work harder to strengthen our testimonies so that doesn't happen to us. They were all excited and getting ready but now they have thrown all their good decisions out the window and have abandoned their faith... I hope we can all be prepared with a strong testimony so that never happens to us. We have to confide in what we know and pray always and study the scriptures all the time so that doesn't happen. I know we can all withstand the lies and temptations of Satan if we have faith in Jesus Christ and trust in his word. I have been faced with doubts but I have always been able to find peace and the knowledge I need as I have read the scriptures and prayed. I honestly didn't do much of that before the mission but here I have learned and gained a testimony of the scriptures that has helped me stay strong even when Satan is sending doubts at me from all sides. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ was restored through Joseph Smith and that he was a true prophet of God and that we are in the true church.

Wow I ran out of time but anyways,  I love you all :) stay strong in the Gospel! bye

-Elder Sampson

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