Monday, January 12, 2015

Jan 12th Our Investigator Came to Church Again!


  Well this week wasn't the best week of all time.... but it wasn't the worst either. Elder Echeverria and I are very different people and so there had kinda been some things that we had kept inside that didn't really let us (at least on my part) get along and have the unity we need to teach but, we talked about it today and we are getting things all worked out. We did have some good lessons but the week would have been a whole lot better if we hadn't had those things going on. This has helped me see how important the whole "love one another" is, especially as companions. I really hope everything will go a lot better this week and that we can get our problems all figured out so we can really focus on the people here.

Anatolio came to church again! :) ha ha he's a great guy.  When my comp. met him for the first time he started asking him if he was the patriarch and I had to tell him that he isn't even a member of the church yet... ha ha :) but I really hope he will keep progressing like he is because that would mean that he will get baptized before too long :) We will do what we can to get him there.   

About the mission leader and the other youth, I don't really know what is going on with them, they say one thing and the bishop and another member says something else. Los jovenes dicen que van a servir todavía pero no sé... están asistiendo a la iglesia pero... no sé que va a pasar con ellos... The family of the one who was the mission leader is all against him and stuff like that... It is pretty hard on him but he says he still is planning on going.

The ward mission leader is excited and wants the ward to progress so it is all good with him, we are working it all out and getting organized so we are going to start seeing some results soon I believe :)

I am almost out of time... We taught this really great family last Sunday and taught them again yesterday. They are all really interested and want to keep learning and they were really excited to come to church this week so I hope we get to see that they really meant it! :) The member that went with us is pretty great and he shared his testimony and some personal experiences.  It was really cool :)

Well that's all I've got time for this week I hope you all have a great week.   Love y'all :)
-Elder Sampson

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