Monday, September 29, 2014

Sep. 29th Finally! Investigator came to Church!!!!


We didn't have investigators in the chapel... BUT! we did have AN investigator! ¡¡¡Por FIN!!!  We finally had an investigator in the church :) a good way to end the cambio :) This week we really didn't have very many lessons, but a lot of lessons aren't good for anything if the people don't do anything and don't come to church so I am satisfied with the work we did, we really focused on the people and it helped them have a little change in their lives. We saw small changes in the way the people listened to us and how they responded and little by little I think they are changing for the better.

A little bit about the investigator that came to church this week. His name is Francisco Hernandez and about 14 years ago he met the missionaries and was going to church with them and all that good stuff but then the missionaries got transferred or something and he lost contact with the church. This week the elders in the other side of the branch contacted him in the street then gave us his address and we went by to visit him. He really liked that we went by to visit him and that we could teach him, he is going to una iglesia adventista ( I can't remember how to say that correctly in English right now) but wants to know why there are so many churches and which one is the church of God, we figured we could help him with that ;) so we invited him to church and all that and he came!
It was really great to see someone actually do something they said they were going to do!
Well that was good... I hope we will start having more success here :)

Oh by the way, I am still here in Anahuac, I am now with Elder Cortez, un chaparro de El Salvador... interesting isn't it? I was just here with one of those... :) he also has the same amount of time in the mission as Elder Escobar, They got here at the same time, how crazy is that? I don't know, I think it is kinda crazy... but anyways, we will see what we can do here and try to have a great cambio! Well that is about all I have got for now, I will see if I can make a recording or take some photos or something but for now...  I love you all and have a great week :)

-Elder Sampson 

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