Monday, September 22, 2014

Sep. 22nd We have a Branch Mission Leader finally!

Hey y'all!

Well we had another disappointing week with investigators in the chapel... that's right... another week with nobody.... That makes 9 weeks in a row. I feel bad for the people that are missing out on all these blessings the Lord is just waiting to give them but I can't make them show up so I don't know how to help them. But I actually feel worse for my companion. This whole thing has been really hard on him... He actually cried yesterday because he felt so bad for the people and that they were missing out and not coming to church. Also he feels like a failure because with so much time in the mission, people expect him to have a lot of success and stuff like that and he expects it as well and really wants it and feels bad because it just hasn't happened. He says that all of this has been teaching him humility. I want to be able to help him not be so down, but I think the only thing that will help him with that is having people in the church.... anyways, that is a lot of what has been going on since yesterday.

Actually, I have some good news about yesterday. We finally have a branch mission leader! We haven't had one this whole time and that means it is kinda hard to work well with the branch. But now we have one, he is a recently returned missionary so he knows how all the mission stuff works so hopefully we will be able to have some success.

I made a recording that is in three parts that I will send (it is all in Spanish by the way so I hope you can understand or at least have someone tell you what it says, I don't know, it is getting kinda hard to talk in English sometimes...). In it I talk about someone that we were going to visit on Saturday but just to let you know he wasn't there when we went because he had work, just so you know what's going on with him. We are going to look for him this week and see how things work out.

This week was a little better than the past couple that we have had but by way of people in the church it was the same... I am really hoping the work this week pays off and we will get to see some of the fruit of the labor start to appear. Not only for the people here but for my companion and I.  It has been a little hard on us.

I am so sorry about Claudette.  I don't really know what to say about all that happened. I am with mom on this whole death thing... it would be good if it just took a break for a long while... I don't know, it seems that so much has happened at home since I have been in the mission and it will be weird when I get back, not that that is anytime soon but still...

Well I love you all and hope you have a great week and all that good stuff :) You are all very amazing people and I am blessed to have you in my life :)

-Elder Sampson

PS I am going to invite you all to guess what it is that we ate with some of the members ;)
If you couldn't tell what they are... they are chapolines! (they are like grasshoppers :) ) We ate a bunch of those fried in tacos :) they are actually pretty " tasty;)"  go very well with a little salsa lemon and salt; and have a nice crunch :)

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