Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014 My New Companion


So a little bit about the new comp, Elder Osorio. Well he is pretty great, he is from Cholula, Puebla, México. He doesn't know exactly how much time he has here in the mission but it is somewhere around 10 months I think. He hardly knows any English so I am learning Spanish a lot faster now... before I always would try to talk in Spanish but if I didn't know how to say something I would switch to English, but I can't do that now and I just have to figure out how to say it in Spanish, so it's good :) He is a really hard worker and I think we will get a lot done, I kinda feel like this area needs something to get it going and progressing and Elder Osorio might be just the thing it needs :) we get along really well and we are going to work like crazy! :)

 Ok a bit about the investigators, with Elder Macias we just hadn't been having much success and we didn't have that many investigators so I didn't know what to tell you and would just tell you about the more memorable experiences. This week we were teaching Jorge Montez and things had always gone pretty well with him. Well Elder Osorio said something and Jorge got offended and tried to give his Book of Mormon back but we talked to him a little more and he pick it back up of his own free will and wanted to keep it so that was good, and he said we can visit him again so that is all good, I was a little nervous for a bit there, the only problem with him is he can't really walk right now or attend church, but we will see what we can do :) Also another experience, we have been teaching Oscar and his wife and well Oscar used to be a tough guy ( I don't really know how else to put it) He would get in like fights and stuff, worked with the people that sell drugs and a bunch of crazy stuff like that, but then he had experiences that turned his mind to God and he changed and started like studying all the time and he told us that he had the gift of sanitation or whatever, but he stopped being so involved in religion for like 4 years and kinda just turned to work and his family. We are the first people he has talked religion with in those four years and he thinks it might be a sign that God is sending him that he needs to let God have a bigger part in his life. We left a chapter in the book of Mormon to read and pray about so we will see how that goes :)

Oh I got the package! and a package from Ashley and a bunch of dear elders and letters! It was like Christmas! But better! ;) ha ha it was great, I like the shorts and the frisbee and the ties were really awesome, the orange one looks really great with Elder Osorio's suit :)

Well that's all I've got for now :) Love y'all bye!

-Elder Sampson

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