Monday, October 19, 2015

Oct. 19th We had a Baptism!

Well, I got no time! as you can see because we are writing super late... but let me tell you a little about the week. Please forget about all typos or other such errors that you may find:)

So this week there was a baptism here in Tanquian! Mateo got baptized and well,  before there was a rule that the missionaries couldn't baptize but for October president said that we could :) so my comp baptized him! :D And this week we have another baptism! and I am going to get to baptize ! :) First time in my whole life! :) so cool! I will baptize Rubicel on Saturday :) Mateo is an older guy but is super great, he used to be a carpenter but lost two of his fingers in an accident (he is almost like Stavi;) ) and Rubicel is a young guy, he's 28. It is going to be super cool :)

In Tanquian there aren't a whole lot of members... like there were 13 on Sunday... and 4 were investigators... but it is definitely a small little town out in the middle of nowhere. The closest elders are an hour and a half away and that is also a little town, they are actually the other two missionaries in the district, the others in the zone are in a city called Valles, like an hour away from the other elders. 
This Sunday was rather interesting, my comp and I were the speakers in sacrament, my comp gave the second class and the guy that was presiding the meeting also blessed the sacrament and I passed it... and my comp and I also gave the last class, but to everyone, there wasn't any separating into classes or anything... so it was a little different but it's great :)

That's all I have time for right now for everyone but I love you all and will try to say more next week about Tanquian! :) it's pretty great here :) I love you all! BYE

-Elder Sampson

PS My return date was finalized today in the morning... I will be coming home the 21st!

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