Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oct. 10th New Baptismal Date

Well, This week was pretty good :) we were able to work more with the members and stuff like that be we still have struggled with finding new investigators but things have gone well with a few that we have like Ivan. Yesterday we had super divisions in the zone and I went with Elder Mercedes (he got here at the same time I did, but will go home a change later because he didn't have a change in the MTC, he is from the Dominican Republic) to visit Ivan. We got to the part of the Plan of Salvation that he had a lot of questions about we talked about the Spirit World and the Resurrection and the Kingdoms of Glory. It went really well and we put a new baptismal date with him because the other fell through because he didn't go to conference because his mom got sick. But it was cool because we asked him what he thought he should do to prepare himself to get baptized and he said that he should pray and read and keep listing to us and all that and it was a special experience, he only didn't mention church attendance but we mentioned it and he said he wanted to go this Sunday and he said "Voy a ir, es segurísimo!" and so... we are waiting for that :) it will be great :)

Well, this week I will probably have transfers so... if I write on Monday too don't freak out, because I will be back out in the field not in the office anymore so my pdays will be Mondays again.  I have liked being in the offices but it will be good to get back out for this last little bit.  They haven't said that it is for sure but... I am almost positive I will be leaving but if not that's fine too but we will know soon enough :)

I really enjoyed the conference! I decided to ponderize Jacob 6:11-12 because it is great! I like 12, sweet, simple and to the point.  Are you all ponderizing? haha it is a funny new word :) I felt like it talked a whole lot about faith in this conference and I loved it!  I liked how they explained how to receive more faith and how to utilize it in our lives :) I know that we are in the only true church that has leaders truly called of God to guide His church in these days. I know that the prophet and the apostles are who God has called to make His will known :) I am grateful to have the opportunity to hear from them and try to apply their counsels to my life :)

I love you all and hope that you have an amazing week!  BYE! :)

-Elder Sampson

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