Saturday, August 8, 2015

August 8th Goal for September...421 baptisms! Pray that we'll reach it:)


This week is going pretty well, but we just got an interesting tidbit... The ward we are in until... like an hour ago had 4 missionaries 2 sisters and my comp and I but... now... the sisters are going to be in a different area because of some health problems of one of the sisters and we now have the whole ward! It is a little strange... but anyways... we are going to see what happens :) 

We have a goal in the mission right now... we want to have 421 baptisms in the mission in September... and so the goal we have for our area is... 5! In September! and we are gonna do it! 
just... pray as much as you can so we will be able to do it :) We have a few people that we are preparing but we still need a few more to fulfill the goal so pray for us to find a couple more people that can get baptized in Sept. 

This last week David went to church again and is still excited and progressing quite nicely :) 
We taught him about the plan of Salvation this week and it went really well and we could really feel the Spirit when we taught and testified about the Atonement and he understood very well (even though the brother that accompanied us talked about a LOT of slightly unrelated topics) but it was good :) 
Also, something good that happened with Jonathan (he didn't go to church...) was that he had read a bunch of chapters in the BoM and also the pamphlet about the Word of Wisdom and understood most of it! :) (sometimes he doesn't understand completely what he reads... but this time he did :) ) and he was really excited to go to church! He has wanted to go for a while now but hasn't been able to, but he assured us that he will be there tomorrow! So that's good.  

Hmmm... other than that... there hasn't been anything all that crazy going on around here... just workin' in the offices and sweatin' it out in our area :) haha it's great! :) I now feel like 94° is like a normal temperature... a little on the warm side but... normal... maybe I've been in Mexico a little too long ;)

That's about all I've got for now :) I love you all a ton! Have a great week and family reunion!  Tell everyone "hola" for me ;)

-Elder Sampson

(looks like a blast! The family reunion that is :) )

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