Saturday, August 1, 2015

August 1st Love going to the Temple

Hey, it's August! (is that how it's spelled?)

Well, things have been pretty good around here, we have had a better week this week. The only people that went to church this last week were David and this girl named Alisia. Jonathan didn't go because they changed his shift on him and he had to go to work... and Jesus didn't go because he went fishing with his uncle or something like that. I think it wasn't just a pleasure trip, I think his uncle works in that or something... Things have gone pretty well with David. He asked my companion during priesthood meeting, "so in like a year, what would I be?" (he asked that as they were taking roll and he had asked my comp what all the names like deacon, teacher, etc. mean) so he seems be really interested :) and this week... we were able to visit Roberto twice and it is always great to go with him because he is progressing a lot as a new convert. He now has a calling to teach "los valientes in the primary :) it's gonna be great :) This week we talked with him about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon ( with all the recent converts we are supposed to review the 5 lessons from PMG) and so it was great to talk to him. He seems to have a really strong testimony and to be really happy with the Gospel. It's a little crazy because before he was an aethiest... :) he really likes having the book of Mormon and remembers pretty well the details of how it all went down in the times of Joseph Smith and all that.   We were there with him and just talked a little about how great the Book of Mormon is and what it really means for us and it was a rather spiritual experience :)

We had a lesson with Jonathan and we found out that he is the father of a little 5 month baby! That was a bit of a curve ball, he hadn't mentioned anything about that before... we knew that he had a girlfriend but... not that, it was a little bit of a surprise... and so we talked about the Law of Chastity! :) whew!!! que diversiĆ³n!! haha he understood pretty well and said that he is going to live it from now on :) but ya, it was weird... and then we taught him about the Plan of Salvation.  

A really spiritual experience that I had today was when we went to the Temple! It was really great :) we were able to go today in the morning and I got the answers to several questions that I have had for a bit and it was awesome!  I love going to the Temple :) it is such a wonderful place of learning and inspiration :) It really strengthened my testimony of the scriptures and of the church and helped me understand many things a lot better.  I know that the Temple truly is the House of the Lord and that we can enjoy the blessings of them because of the Restoration and all the blessings it brings with it :)

Well that's I've got for now but things have been pretty great here :) I love you all! Thanks for your support and love :) Have a great week!

-Elder Sampson

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