Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4th Why won't they come to church?!?!?


wow it is crazy to me that it is already August...
 Well with Giovani, we aren't teaching him anymore... we don't know what happened but the last time we went he told us he didn't want us to teach him anymore. He wouldn't say why but we haven't gone back because he said he didn't want us to. It made us pretty sad because we thought he was going along great and learning a bunch but then ya, BAM! nada... I don't know but I had to be really positive about the whole situation because Elder Escobar was pretty down after that. Some of the other people we have been teaching... Julio Antonio. He worked in a pharmacy for like twenty years but right now I don't know what he does. He is pretty great and friendly and likes to listen and asks questions and stuff like that so it is good when we teach him but the only problem is that he never shows up to church... he is always so sure he will be there and stuff but then Sunday shows up and he doesn't... I don't know what it is, one week his dog was sick then the other his grandson and this week we haven't heard the excuse yet but I don't know, he is always promising he will be there but then he isn't. We also have been teaching Mari, She likes to listen as well but she doesn't like going to churches because they make her cry. She said she would come this week and last week but wasn't there for either of them.

We didn't have anyone in the sacrament meeting this week either... I honestly don't know what the  deal is with these people, but they just don't come... I am going to be honest, but we haven't been having much success and honestly it is hot here all the time... I feel like this would get most people's spirit at least a little down... But honestly I am happy and enjoying myself :) I don't know what is wrong with me, but I am happy so don't worry about me :)

One of the experiences I have had that has helped my faith grow is that you can always find the answer to a question you have in the scriptures. Maybe you won't find it right off but it is always there and if you don't find it at first it always shows up if you don't give up :) And something more, the promise of the Lord is that if you have the Spirit you won't be confounded before men. We get asked lots of questions and some of them I haven't even thought of before but when the people ask I can answer them just fine and give the correct answer, that is completely true even if I didn't know before they asked, and I know that answer couldn't be from my brain so I know it is from Someone else. Sometimes we may not think about these things but really it is a sign that He is there for us and wants to help :)

We have found some nice opportunities to serve here, the most common one is to help people open oyster shells, because that is what everyone here does, in fact there is an area here that is called the Conchero which basically means like area of shells. Some of the houses here are built on shells and some of the streets are shell instead of dirt and it is just crazy how many shells there are here. We help people with that sometimes and sometimes we cut down trees with machetes of what ever, just what ever the people need we will do it :)

Well that's about all I've got for this week, I hope you all enjoy it :)
Love Y'all! :)

-Elder Sampson

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