Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18th Staying in Anahuac

Hello everyone!

Just so you know... we had cambios this week and I will be spending another 6 weeks here in Anahuac with Elder Escobar. It's all good because the rain is about to start and instead of being blazing hot all the time it will be raining and muddy and just a ton of fun :) I just hope we will be able to have a little more success here with getting the people to church because we had another killer week with 0 investigators at church...

A word to the wise... if you notice a big flying bug and don't know what it is... don't grab it! haha sounds like common sense, I know, but this morning we were outside and I noticed a bug and I thought it was a mosquito and so I grabbed it out of reflex and well it turns out it was a wasp... it totally stung my finger and it's all swollen... This wasn't an ordinary wasp though, it was about an inch or so long... you can imagine how that felt... great! :)

Well anyways enough with that little story, I also made a mop out of a stick, some old pants and some rope because the other mop we had didn't work very well. :)

Well a little bit about the investigators. We have started teaching a family, but we teach each person separately because they are all grown ups and have their own houses and such but  they all live right next to each other. They all have desires to change because they have had problems with alcohol and stuff and even though they all live right there they don't talk because something happened between them a while back or something. We are going to teach them and help them change and resolve whatever problems they have between themselves :). and we are going to help them, well I mean the Gospel is going to help them because we are just two young men and alone we can't really do anything to help but the teachings of Jesus Christ have the power to change anyone and solve their problems if they let it, and we are really hoping they let it because that would be great to see the Lord start to work in their lives and help them find true happiness :)

Well that's all for now folks! Have a great week everyone! I love you all! :)

-Elder Sampson

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