Monday, December 1, 2014

Dec. 1st Having A Little Fun While Serving

So a little bit about this week... we went to Xicotencatl! How crazy is that name huh? Everyone says Xico (hee-ko). Xico is a little town like an hour away from Mante and it is one of the areas in the zone, we went there to do a service project as a district and then I stayed there in companion exchanges with Elder Arizmendi. The service we did was clean up the yard of a sister from the ward there. We "mowed" the "lawn" with machetes and cut some big trees down and it was a lot of fun :) I kinda have some mad skills with a machete ;) the sister has a lemon tree and a bunch of lemons had fallen to the ground so some one would throw me a lemon and I would cut it in half with a machete! How cool is that?! but don't worry, I wasn't goofing around very much, but we did have a little fun as we worked :) I haven't done much hard physical work with my hands for a while so I got a few blisters but it's all good :)

We only had one investigator show up at church so a few baptisms fell through which is disappointing but I am sure that one of the people that had a date that fell through is going to get baptized because she really has a desire to follow the Savior's example and also she wants to set the example for her whole family. She is the person who kinda runs her home and so it would help the others there to start taking an interest and be a good influence on them. The sad thing about the story is that she has a tumor and hasn't been feeling that great, well she was feeling better the last time we talked to her but she didn't show up at church so we are going to see how she is. She has been struggling a lot but has so much faith and really a strong determination to do what is right and it is really great to see that, she is really a great lady and I hope we will be able to help her get baptized soon because that really is her wish.

About thanksgiving, yes I knew it was thanksgiving because of the family calender I have :) and my comp wouldn't listen to Christmas music until after that day so I kinda had it all in mind but now we are listening to Christmas music and in the house there is a Christmas tree we are going to set up :) ha ha actually, yesterday we helped a less-active family set up their Christmas tree... it was funny :) but anyways, random acts of service are great :)

Mom I haven't gotten any of those packages yet, I don't know if I will soon or not but it is going to take longer than normal because I am not so close to the offices so they will only make it out to me when someone from there comes over here... but it's all good, they will show up sometime :)

Well we are going to keep on working here, there are plenty of things to do in this area, we just have to work on them all effectively and it will all work out alright :) I love you all :)

-Elder Sampson

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